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Get free recharge, cashback, FC credits-tips, tricks and coupon codes

Updated on November 25, 2014

There are various ways in which you can earn some free recharges or cashbacks and save some money from your pocket, if you are living in India and have access to a smartphone and internet. Well exactly these are the only two pre-requisites to earn the free talktime provided by several vendors and service providers.

This article makes an attempt to list a few of these service providers, and provide users with easily accessible codes and coupons to use and earn talktime and free recharges.

Freecharge app cashback

Freecharge is an online recharge service provider, serving in India. It provides a totally safe and trusted method of handling online recharges. I have been using their services for over a year now and believe me they are the best when it comes to online recharges.

Now how to get free recharge from them-they usually give you cash back on using their mobile app on android phones. The steps to get the cashback are:

1. Go to google playstore and download Freecharge app or you can use this link

Open this link with google playstore and install the app.

2. Sign in using your freecharge account (if you already have one) or using google or facebook accounts.

3.Do a recharge of Rs. 10 and use the below coupon code








Pay only using a debit or credit card.

4.Check your FC Credits and you will have received a cashback of 50 which you can use for your future recharges or even immediately if you want to.

Enjoy and have fun.


Have you ever thought that you can earn free recharges by just downloading and trying apps? Well its a reality with this new app called mCent.

It works in this way that, once you download and install its app- there are offers for you to complete like downloading apps, completing surveys etc. Steps are very easy:

1. Get the mCent app using this link:

download and install the app, and sign in using your mobile number.

2. On offers page download and use any of the apps and earn the talktime.

3. Once you get enough talktime- you can use the same to recharge your phone.

As easy as that.

Hike messaging app

Well these days all the messaging apps apart from watsapp are giving promotional talktime. And so is Hike. To get the recharge just download the hike messenger using the below link:

On just downloading the app you get welcome bonus balance and thereafter you can invite your friends to get more balance in recharge.

Simply awesome.

Paytm offers

Paytm is one such service provider which keeps coming up with new offers every now and then. Keep checking google or the paytm offers page for any new offers or before you go in for a new recharge:

Line FTT offers--***CURRENTLY ACTIVE OCTOBER 2014***

Line is another mobile messaging app which comes up with offers of Free Talk Time. Till now there have been four such Free Talk Time offers by Line.

In this offer you can get free recharge every 5 days by simply sending stickers (smileys) to your friends in a group of 3 or more people. One sticker a day does the trick and you can get a recharge of up to Rs.120

Keep checking the Line official chat history to get the latest offers from them

Other offers

There are several other service providers and mobile apps which give free recharge and talk time like wechat, mobikwik, ultoo, laaptu, ladoo and so many others.

But I have not yet tried them. The ones that I have mentioned above are the ones which are well tried and tested offers by myself. If any of you use a particular offer apart from the ones mentioned above you are free to share in comments and I will include it in the main post if it is good enough. (Not to mention I will try the offer as well).

Updates to this post

This post will keep getting updated on a regular basis, so you can keep coming back and check for any new offers that appear and also any updates to the above mentioned offers.

Please do let me know via comments your responses.

Thanks guys and happy recharging !


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    • waystoexcel profile image

      Upendra 3 years ago from New Delhi

      Thanks for using these tricks guys, I got a lot of positive feedback and will post more updates soon !!