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Get maximum discount when shopping online

Updated on May 20, 2016

Online shopping has seen a tremendous increase in past decade. With increase in number of buyers shopping online the competition among the online retail sites have also increased. To attract customers these online retail sites offer discounts and other coupons from time to time. Costumers can benefit from these offers to gain extra cost benefit from online shopping. Also there are many other ways as listed below through which a customer can get the maximum benefit while shopping online.

Compare prices
Similar products are listed on different shopping sites at different prices on account of excessive discounts or promotional offers. So it's very important that one should check out the proposed product he wants to buy at different sites so that he may get the price advantage. There are also many websites which gives the comparative charts of prices of different products at different online retail sites.

Discount coupons
Many shopping sites give their regular customers discount coupons as brand loyalty to retain their customers. So if you are brand specific person you may get additional discounts from your shopping site for shopping regularly on it. The discount coupons can be redeemed on successive purchases on the specific online retail site.

Shipping charges
Shipping charges are charged over and above the product cost. Some sites provide free shipping irrespective of the cost of the product whereas some sites charge shipping charges if product cost is more than the minimum limit set for free shipping. So at the time of check out check the shipping charges charged by the site as it must not be so that after comparing sites for lower cost of product the cost stands increased on account of shipping charges.

There are sites which give you cashback if you shop through them. So you can get additional cost benefit if you shop through any of these sites offering cashback. There also you have to choose the best cashback plan from different sites offering the same. The basic plan behind this is that when you shop through them they get commission and in turn they give you certain portion of their commission amount. Cashbacks are credited to your online wallet or directly to your bank account as preferred.

App exclusive offers
Some offers are listed exclusive of the app of shopping site. This is to promote the use of app by the users. So if you are not checking out the app there are changes that you may miss out better discounts and offers. Generally one a year app exclusive offers are publish by the merchant or when a new app is launched they publish such offers to attract customers to download and install such app.

Credit card offers
Various payment gateways to provide discount when you make payment through them. So you may get some additional cashback while making payment through such payment gateways. Many credit card partners offers instalment payment of the cost of product if the cost is too high. Generally these facilities are provided with zero percent interest charge on instalments.

Check offline product price
After going through the online deals and prices do check prices and deals at offline stores. There are chances that offline stores may have better deals than online stores on account of some festive or other discount.

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Combo products
Whenever a combo product is offered for sale bigger discounts are offered on it to make it attractive to customers. Also many sites offer additional discounts if you buy a second product after buying the first one.

Social media
Connect with shopping sites through social networks as they continuously publish special offers and discount coupons on it. There are chances that you may get discount offer for your product. Connecting through social media let's you hop over various deals and get the best out of it.

Check delivery location
Every online retail site have a fixed geographical distribution network in which it delivers its products either on his own account or through his distribution partners. So before proceeding further by checking products and prices do check whether the particular merchant delivers the product in your location. Delivery location can be checked by entering the postal code in the merchant's website.

Guaranteed replacement
Prefer sites which offer guaranteed replacement of its products if it doesn't meet the required specification or quality. This helps customer to easily return product and ask for a new one or cashback.


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