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Get Out of Debt Help

Updated on December 24, 2010

Easy Way to Get Out of Debt

Although my situation is unique, I was forced to become debt free. Becoming debt free was always a goal of mine but no matter how much I made it seemed. I could never get ahead. Sound familiar? Now Why is this I wonder?? Well I do not wonder any more I know for a fact in my case that I was listening to the wrong people about finance. Mainly everyone around me because they are all way in debt!

Even the financial advisers are buying homes and cars on credit that they are paying to much for over time. Let me ask you this.

Who are you going to take financial advice from? A guy that is in debt driving around in a nice car with a nice home that if he loses his job he is totally kaput! Or a guy who is driving a car that is paid for and living on his own property that is totally paid for? Who is wealthier? The man who owns his own time or the guy rushing off to work everyday? You tell me. Who is successful?

For me I am thinking that the guy that is acting like he is a big shot adviser who is in debt? I will pass on his advice. I already know that he is advising people who are in debt also so what the hell right. I also know what is going to happen to him if he is totally dependent on society to pay his debts and feed his family. He will fail in life and as a person.

Can you honestly look around at the people you know and claim that they are successful ? What about them living from paycheck to paycheck. They are in debt up to their eye balls and working 2 jobs. Wow really successful??

News flash to me this isn't success, never will be and in fact never was.

This was a pill that you were conditioned to swallow since you were a child. Yes and still today they are teaching this type of totally faulty economics.

Getting out of debt is easy. There is no magic formula like these wisbang smart people will try to tell you. You cannot count on investments as you may have learned by now. You can only count on yourself and having the correct knowledge to act.

You have to stop using credit for starters.

This should be an easy one for you because if you are living on credit you are going in debt more every month if you are not paying off the total balance. Maybe the advisers can explain how you can go in debt every month more and more and be financial successful?

You cannot!

Next you have to cut spending. Its just that easy.

My friend had a $100.00 dollar cell phone bill a month the only time I saw him use the phone was to and from work to play games. His wife would call on occasion and all his calls were taken at home or at his office. He ditched it for a pay as you go phone and only uses about $200.00 a year time on the pay per use. So that saved him $1000.00 dollars.

Sure we all need a cell phone for safety these days. But I really cannot imagine that everyone is so important these days that they have to talk on the phone when they are going to the bathroom.

Its a good start if you do the two simple things that I suggested stop using your credit card and try to figure out a few things that you can live without. I dont have cable TV either I use Hulu its free, I actually like it alot better that having cable. I do not have a fancy car or a fancy surfboard but everything I have I own and I am not paying payments on it.If I want something I do it the old school way I save for it untilĀ  I have all the cash then I don't have to pay for it twice like you do on credit.

While most are getting extra jobs because they have payments to make on their cards I think I will go surfing ;-)


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  • profile image

    Marcella Glenn 7 years ago from PA

    This is a very useful hub.

  • lindacee profile image

    lindacee 7 years ago from Arizona

    I am currently debt free (but was forced into it also--a failed business and the real estate crash took care of it for me.) Working to rebuild assets and enjoying a credit-free existence for the first time in my life. Great suggestions for weaning off the plastic. Enjoy the waves!