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Getting a Loan through Franklin Mortgage

Updated on August 9, 2010

Franklin Mortgage is a fast-growing mortgage company that gets most of its business based and word of mouth and referrals from mortgage brokers. If you are interested in getting a loan from Franklin American Mortgage, there are three ways to go about doing so. The first option is to go through a mortgage broker that works with Franklin American Mortgage Company. The second is to apply for pre-approval through their website at and the third way is to call them. You can reach them by calling any of the numbers below.

California: (866) 900-0556

Massachusetts: (866) 516-0340

Tennessee: (800) 295-1020

Texas: (877) 496-1900

Types of Loans Available from Franklin Mortgage

Franklin Mortgage specializes in residential mortgages. They offer different options for the mortgage length and other terms, just as most mortgage lenders do. Whether you are looking for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage or a 15-year adjustable rate mortgage, Franklin Home Mortgage can point you to the loan they offer that will work best for you.

Franklin American Mortgage is an FHA lender, so if you are looking to get an FHA loan they may be able to help you obtain the financing you need. Franklin Mortgage offers mortgage loans to home buyers in every state except Hawaii and New York.

Franklin Mortgage Loan Servicing

One thing you should be aware of when getting a mortgage through Franklin Mortgage is that they frequently sell their loans to other companies for servicing. The reason you should be aware of this is that you will have no control over what company the loan is sold to.

Although Franklin American Mortgage has a reputation of providing good customer service, it is impossible to know what level of service will be provided by the company that ends up buying your mortgage. Keep in mind, though, that any mortgage can be sold, so even if you get your mortgage through a company that does not have a history of selling their mortgages, that is no guarantee that your mortgage will not be sold.


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