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Getting the Most Affordable Auto Insurance for your Teenage Driver

Updated on March 12, 2011

Your teenage driver has finally got his much awaited driver’s license and has started demanding for the car that you had always promised him the moment he hits driving age. While buying the car could not be a big problem really to many parents seeing as it is that most parents would have started saving for the ‘gift’ early enough, the real headache could be lying in finding the most affordable auto insurance policy for the car, one that will not only protect and cover him, but also one that will protect you.

Rest assured insurance premium rates vary significantly from one policy to another and from one service provider to another. Even so, you still can secure a great and irresistible deal. First things first, at such a tender age, your teenage driver has very little experience in driving, so inconsequential is his driving experience that insurance companies will consider him anything but a very high risk driver. This means only one thing; they will get a very high premium rate as all other high risk drivers out there. But there are some things you can do as a parent to secure a good and affordable deal and ensure the premiums remain as down as possible.

Driver Safety – first and foremost, it is your responsibility as a parent to stress to your teenage driver the importance of maintaining driver safety on the roads. It is lack of safety and careless driving that contributes to the many unnecessary and otherwise avoidable deaths in the world every year. If for whatever reason you cannot stress this point enough, why not send your teenager to a driving school so they can learn it first hand from the pros?

Type of Vehicle – the type of vehicle your teenager drives will also affect the amount of premium rates payable. An expensively high-to-maintain sedan will attract hefty premiums than a simple every-day type of car, so make an informed decision before paying for that flashy red sports car.

Deductibles – another way you can reduce the rates of premium is by selecting a high deductible. Basically, the higher the deductible you set to pay, the lower the premium rate.

Clean Driving Record – it is your responsibility as a parent to ensure your teen’s driving license remains as clean as possible as it will have a direct effect on the cost of premiums payable. With no accidents or traffic violations, you can expect reduced premiums over time.

Discounts – another place you can experience great savings on premiums is by finding out the discounts on offer before taking up an offer. Discounts on premiums are available for such things as drivers education credits, multiple car policies, defensive driving courses, clean driving records etc, so if you could have any of this, then you could have a great bargaining power. Rest assured the competition for your business is cut throat so companies are willing to go to whatever extent in terms of discount if only they could win your business.


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