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Getting Credit Card Applications Approved

Updated on November 7, 2015

Get your credit card applications approved

Even though we need to be careful about going into debt and the consequences related to it, the majority of us do need to have a credit card as a backup in case of emergencies, and so need to understand the process and do everything right when we're applying for a credit card, as just leaving off a thing or two, whether by accident or otherwise, will cause the credit card application to be rejected.

Now this is going to sound obvious and silly, but the first step in completing a credit card application and getting it approved is to complete the credit card application.

What do I mean? Many people leave out important and vital information that may seem unimportant to them, but is very important to a credit card issuer.

This is especially true of personal information that must be included in the credit card application, but which you may simply leave off. That is is sure way to get rejected, so go over the application at least a couple of time to ensure it's filled out completely. This will save you a lot of time, trouble, and from being rejected.

Don't just fill out the credit card application - read it!

Another common mistake people make all the time is failing or neglecting to read the entire credit card application, and failing to understand the overall requirements and terms.

Read it more than once if you have to if you're unsure of anything. Unsurety can come through the application through the way you send it in.

So before you fill out and send in your credit card application, make sure you read it. This will improve your chances of getting it accepted. 

Getting credit card application approved

Get help if you're confused about credit card application

If you are still uncertain about anything on your credit card application, simply ask someone that has filled them out before questions so you know what's going on. There's no reason to be in the dark about getting a credit card application approved or accepted, when there is certainly someone you know who will understand it if you don't after reading it.

You need to know exactly what it is you're signing when dealing with credit and finances. 

Know your credit report and any existing credit balances

There are a number of reasons why you need to find out your credit rating and whether there is anything on it that needs to be cleaned up. If there are existing marks against you, you will have to clear them up to improve your chances of being accepted.

Another thing that's part of the process are your existing creditors. Sometimes they're a month or two behind in reporting to a credit bureau, and so you may need to ask them to make sure they're up to date so you're in the clear.

Anything on your credit report that could hurt you needs to be resolved before sending in your credit card application. 

Be realistic with your credit limit in conjunction with your household income

Even with the best credit you have to apply for credit cards which reflect your ability to repay.

If the amount of the credit card you're applying for seems high, then you'll need to include all your household income in order to be able to actually get the credit card application approved.

Sometimes people simply forget their overall household income and just use one of them. If you're in the range of the card without using the extra income, you don't have to be concerned about it then. In those cases you could use just your income, but it never hurts to have more than you need when applying for credit cards. 

Check your credit card application thoroughly before sending it in

Before you send in your credit card application for approval, check at least twice concerning all the personal information you are asked to input, as unless you're simply a terrible credit risk, that's the usual reason a credit card application is rejected.

So go over it at least couple times to be certain. 

What should you do if your credit card application is rejected?

If you're credit card application is rejected, don't give up yet, as there are other reasons this can happen, and so you need to call the potential creditor directly to ask if there's any information they need to help then in the approval process.

Sometimes a credit card application is declined because some of your personal information is unable to be verified for some reason.

If that's the case, it's easy enough to get the required information to your creditor and get the credit card you applied for.


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      Christopher Good 5 years ago

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