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Updated on October 15, 2015
My Pearls
My Pearls

20 Things To Do To Preserve Your Reputation If You Should Die Before You Wake ...

Good Advice For Guys of A Certain Age . Take time to review these handy bits of info that might save you some grief down the line. If you are reading this, cheer up, you’re still kicking. If you are not, it may be because you need a new eyeglass prescription. What are you saving your money for? Your grand children will just spend their cut on a new video game

  1. If people, especially family members avoid conversation with you, it’s probably because you never got hearing aids, They probably think you are suffering from dementia because you rarely respond properly. Hearing aids will bring you back into the conversation,
  2. If no one thinks your opinion is worth anything, it’s probably because your thinking is a half century behind the times.There’s still time to get in the moment.Think young or at least younger..
  3. Every day you live brings you closer to your ultimate end.. Exciting isn’t it? That’s the reality of life; but don’t despair, it happens to everyone. Make the most of it
  4. If you think you are still appealing to pretty young women because an attractive woman is smiling at you, you’re wrong. It’s just gas.
  5. Combing or parting your hair to cover massive bald spot doesn't work, It looks ridiculous. It’s even worse than the Donald's hair style.
  6. Relatively speaking, you have fewer years remaining than you would like to have. Just look at the actuary charts. So don’t waste too much time fussing over your appearance in a mirror, It won’t help. Whatever you think you see in that mirror is not what anyone else sees old timer. You earned every wrinkle. Wear your age proudly.
  7. Your bones ache today.They will feel even worse tomorrow and much worse by next year.
  8. No matter how much money you leave to your kin when you die, a lot of people will not be happy…If you leave it all to your only remaining relative, he will wonder where the rest of your money went. Leave enough for a decent and humane cremation. That's the least expensive way to dispose of your old bones..
  9. If you have things to do before you throw in towel, do them while you can still appreciate them. If those things are too involved and overly complicated, forget them .,
  10. Stuff happens. Don’t be surprised when it does.
  11. After you reach a certain age, don’t plan any major surgery done, especially on your back.
  12. If you are still saving for a rainy day, move to Death Valley. That area has less rainfall than any other area in the US.. You’ll have more time to put some dough aside like you should have done years ago.
  13. Think of things you wished you had asked your father about before he passed away. Your children probably have the same questions that will remain unanswered, unless you write things down,
  14. Do you want to live to be 100? That’s great if your health is good and all your parts are functioning. But if your are in misery or in a vegetative state, that may not be the way to go out. Make sure you leave an end of life directive that asks that your family pull the plug if you reach that state.
  15. Don’t buy a parrot after you start drawing social security benefits. Those birds live to be a hundred years old.
  16. If you should happen to die while in possession of a dog or other pet, hopefully you put a provision in your will that cancels any inheritance benefits unless the benefactors take care of your animals
  17. Don't sweat the small stuff, By this time in your life you should know that most everything that worries you is small stuff. Let it all go. It just doesn't matter.
  18. Consider setting up cremation rather than a conventional funeral so you don'r have to buy a new suit to be viewed in
  19. If your finances allow, distribute some of your holdings to heirs while you are alive so you can share in the pleasure
  20. Get rid of incriminating or embarrassing evidence. Parole records, bad report cards, old girlfriend's phone numbers and love letters, illegal weapons and all that kind of stuff. You want to be remembered as a saint not a sinner.
  21. If you can manage to get your old bones into that Corvette you always dreamed of, buy it!

As more pearls come to mind, this blog will ne updated. Feel free to add your own pearls to this never ending stream,

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    • profile image

      Maga 2 years ago

      I love, love, love this cake! And strangely loved wnkoirg on these little teensy toppers for the cake most people would hate doing such detailed work, but it is very zen for me to do things like this. And then to have it come out looking the way it did, for the very good friend it was for, was the best ever!!! I have to say Shannon, this is my favorite thing we have done together as of yet and if this is what we accomplish together, I am sooo looking forward to the future!!!