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Good Will- Please STOP Color Coding Your Inventory

Updated on June 14, 2013

In the last couple of weeks, it seems that all the Good Will stores in my area have went through a change. It is now more pleasing to the eye when you walk in, however as soon as you get to a rack you will see the problem. Good Will has decided that it is better to put everything in color coded racks, then to put them in sizes or gender. So you will still see the clothes split in to plus size and reg, shirts, pants and so forth, but good luck on sizes.

So I must say to Good Will, What in the world are you thinking?

A consumer can no longer go look in clothes their size, or even the gender. Now you have to sift through rows of yellows and blues and other colors. Now granted, it may look more appeasing and it may help put the donations on the racks, but who is going to buy them? How much time do you think the consumer has to go through the clothing. With children and no carts, this is clearly a recipe for disaster.

So my reason for writing this, is to get the word out. Let your local Good Will know that you do not want or like this change. I am sure when anyone actually tries to buy clothes in this new method, they will agree. Change back please! Other stores do it because it just makes sense, I go looking for a boy’s small shirt, not an array of blue shirts for my family.

If you agree, please click accordingly on the voting capsule below. Let them know that we do not like the change.

Do you like the new Color Coded Clothing Racks in Good Will?

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