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Great Time for Best Shopping Deals

Updated on December 23, 2012

You can save hundreds (even thousands!) of hard-earned dollars not by being selective about what you buy, but rather, being extra picky with a timed purchase. This article is mainly just a financial advice for those of you who would are looking out for the best deal in town! Lately, there are lots of website selling coupons & discount promo for almost anything you could think off. Thus, you don’t wanna lose out for the best shopping deals as well.

Financial analysts have not been churning our good news, lately. Economic predictions for 2013 are rather gloomy, which means you will probably have to watch what you spend on non-essentials.

But wait; do not discard your wish list just yet. You might still be able to afford that vacation you have been dreaming about or that flat screen TV you have been eyeing. The best part? You do not have to stay home and live on instant noodles to save every cent!

When it comes to stashing you cash, it is not just about waiting for a sale, it is also about timing your purchases so you can get the most ‘bang’ for your buck. Here is a handy guide that will help you pick the perfect point to purchase anything, from toys and airline tickets to your dream car –without breaking the bank.


Whatever you do, never buy a car at the end of the year. You will lose out big time when it comes to resale value as your car will be considered an ‘older’ model in January 2012 even if you buy it on 31 December 2011. Another good time to buy a car is just before a new model is released. Speak to car dealers to find out when the next model of your favorite car is due. They will be more than happy to share this information and to push off the older version at great prices.

Gym Membership

It is January and your resolution is to lose those excess kilos. Before your rush over to the nearest gym to sign up, keep in mind that the beginning of the year is the worst time to join a gym because membership is in demand and prices are high. Wait for this off peak season of April through July, which is when new memberships – and prices – plummet. There is no reason why you should not get fit and save some cash at the same time!

TV and Electronics

If you are keen on enjoying a good discount on electronics, do not buy the latest equipment because they are the most expensive. Instead, purchase during big sales although those are not the only times to get your hands on electronics. For most companies in Japan (which is where many of the big brand names originate from), the fiscal year ends in March and new TV models and other electronic equipment are introduced soon after. This makes March and April good months to go shopping for these products.


Book lovers have more options now than ever before, with the advent of e-books. Unfortunately, book prices are becoming prohibitively expensive. Avoid buying books that are hot off the press; wait for book sales instead. Another good idea is to exchange with your friends (especially those series novels!). You should also look out for Book Fair Festivals in schools, colleges or malls.


You might think the best time to get your hands on that toy Junior has been begging for, would be during the Christmas sale season – but think again. Some toys, especially trendy stuff from the US, are actually more expensive at that time. Save big by going shopping just before the Christmas period or just after, when prices are likely to drop. Another good time to stock up imported summertime toys (like portable swimming pools) is in August, after summer has passed and retailers are keen to make room for next season’s toys.

Airline Tickets

Everyone thinks last minute flight tickets are the cheapest, but that was more relevant in the old days when airlines had to work hard to fill a flight. With the surplus of travelers these days, it is no longer necessary to lower prices closer to takeoff time. You will save much more with the four-month rule. Typically, airlines give out their cheapest seats about 4 month before flight time. The only exception is if you are planning to fly during the super peak festive and holiday period. If that is true, ignore the rule and buy your tickets as early as possible.

Art Pieces

The beauty of a great piece of art lasts for generations and can be turned into a family heirloom. However, if collecting great art for the sake of adding elegance to your living space is not your cup of tea, you can consider purchasing artwork as an investment. Whatever the reason, if you are looking to buy art, keep in mind that prices tend to dip from July to August, which is the slow season. Never buy art at an auction where the whole idea is to sell a piece at the highest possible price!

Christmas Ornaments

Organizational gurus tell us to finish our Christmas shopping in September or October to avoid the mad rush and enjoy lower prices. This advice works for all purchases except one – Christmas ornaments. The best time to buy decorations, colored lights, Christmas trees and other trinkets is not before, but after Christmas Day. You are likely to benefit from huge discounts immediately after the 25th – ideally the next day – when retailers are eager to get rid of the extra stock. So do the clever thing, save a bundle and go ornament shopping on Boxing Day. Scrooge would be so proud!

So, I hope these advises do help all of you guys out there to plan for your budget listing of the month. Patience is virtue so maybe waiting a lil while for the right time to buy them won't hurt after all!


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    • Jamie Brock profile image

      Jamie Brock 5 years ago from Texas

      Thank you for all the great tips here... voted up and useful :)

    • pat7755 profile image

      pat7755 5 years ago from New York

      Good tips! I've never really thought about the influence of time and seasonal highs and lows for buying different products. If your buying online you can also use this site for deals and savings in addition to a "well timed" purchase.