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Great ideas to earn money for the rest of the life and generations to come

Updated on October 23, 2016

This hub is based on question: What are some ideas about how to earn a passive income?

The world is so big and there are millions of small opportunities that we ignore or feel lazy to explore. Sometimes we really want to try out different things but we don't always have enough time or sometimes our plan just fails.

With a hope to make easy money from the comfort of home, I invested in few bad e-books. That was a loss for me, but a really good money for those scammers. Even though I was tricked I never asked for money back but took it as a lesson and tried to read reviews and do some extra research before buying anything else in the future. As a result, I haven't been scammed like before. You can make small mistakes but those are minimal as sometimes those mistakes can teach us some valuable lessons.

Recently instead of buying scam ideas, I like to go through different blogs and article and read valuable ideas for free. Like me, from every good article, you get some knowledge and you can try to implement it to action if it looks good to you.

Some of the things I am doing currently is:

  1. Writing story when I am bored such as when I am in a train waiting for the destination. I started one story which has now reached part 7. It doesn't bring me 100s of dollars but few dollars every month.
  2. I have also bought a shared web hosting package for $20 a month, where I can host up to 100 domains which cost around $13-$14 each year. I don't have many domains but just a few. As I can host all domains in one place, it saves me money in hosting. Although there are hosting providers costing from around $3/month with unlimited domains and hosting but I was having issues with file count and website going down a lot. So I moved to expensive package. Finally, I get few dollars from each domain every month. In the beginning, sometimes it was not even enough to pay domain cost but as the domains became older and I started adding more content, they started to attract more visitors. In such websites of mine, some people click ads, if they find it interesting and related ads and I get paid for that. If you have a popular keyword included domain, sometimes you get money even though people don't click ads, which is called "pay per impression".
  3. Sometimes me, with my wife, make some Youtube videos and upload it. After we had few videos in our accounts, we both were invited to accept ad monetization. So, now we can enable ads on our original videos and we get paid for that. I'll tell you one secret if you keep it to yourself "we make more money from youtube videos than any other online platforms" Shhhhhhhh lets keep it secret between you and me only :-)

Make sure you have Adsense to enjoy benefits on the above methods specified. If you have personal websites then there are tons of advertising platforms that you can use, but try to stick with one for a while and see how you go. If you don't make enough money but just few cents, then you can kick it out and try another. Don't stick with that company just because you want to reach $100 and get the cheque. You could make more money if you go with another advertising platform.

Also if you don't want to pay for hosting and don't want to take the hassle of making your own website then there are great resources where you can write and make money, for example: hubpages, helium etc.

All of the above will give you some return for the rest of your life and generations to come.

There are few other one time paid jobs like freelance article writing, writing reviews on websites like "review to get paid" and so on.

There are so many options you can explore but for now let's wrap up here.


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