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Guide to finding Atkins Advantage Shake Coupons

Updated on May 24, 2013
Atkins Advantage Shake - Milk Chocolate Delight
Atkins Advantage Shake - Milk Chocolate Delight

The Atkins diet is one of the most popular diets in the world. The object of the diet is to limit the amount of net carbohydrates you consume in order to reduce glycemic load and lose weight. This ultimately reduces the body's blood glucose level and causes ketosis, which results in weight loss.

The diet has been shown to be effective and there are a variety of meal plans available. However, for certain meals, such as breakfasts or lunch on-the-go, you may wish to use the ready-made products, which are sold in grocery stores. One of the most popular product is the Atkins Advantage Shake. These shakes come in 4-packs and in a variety of flavors such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. This gives you a bit of variety.

The bad part is these shakes are generally quite expensive; even more so than competitive products. Thankfully, the company releases a good amount of coupons throughout the year, so you can save some money on these products.

Sunday Papers

This is the best-known way to find Atkins Advantage Shake coupons. Look in your Sunday paper! you can usually subscribe to the weekly paper for a relatively low price or you can ask relatives to be on the look-out for you. Ask people you know to clip these coupons and give them to you, but the best way to get these is to subscribe to the paper.

Search eBay

Did you know people on eBay sell lots of coupons for low prices? You can probably snag 20 coupons for around $1 to $2, including shipping, from a "Buy it Now" listing on the website. This can be a great alternative to buying a Sunday paper every week if you are only looking for Atkins coupons and none other. Just look for a seller with a large amount of positive feedback.

Contact the Company

Did you know most companies are willing to send coupons if you simply ask? Call the Atkins customer support hotline and ask if there are any coupons available. If there are, give them your physical mailing address and the customer service representative will mail you the promised coupons.

Visit the website

Visit the Atkins website and look for special offers and promotions. A lot of times you can find free Atkins printable coupons just by browsing the official website! To get the offers, you'll probably have to install a coupon printer software and of course, you'll need a printer hooked up to your computer.

Visit Coupon Websites

There are a lot of printable coupon websites on the internet. Sometimes these websites may offer Atkins product coupons. You can usually print these out two times per computer, so make use of the print limit and save some money!


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