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How to Make Money by Manufacturing Your Jam at Home

Updated on May 8, 2013

Commercialize your Cuisine

One nice simple hobby I caught up with while growing was making jam. Bread is good for life and our basic survival. When you continue eating bread on a daily basis, you long to improve on its taste as you keep stuffing it into your mouth.

There are times when I feel the urge to consume sweeter bread. I believe a similar line of thought could have led someone into discovering the various uses to which we can put bread in our attempts to make it more palatable, not to mention the toasting, the sweetening through additives, application of various spreads and the making of sandwiches.

Such simple modification of your cuisine makes life more interesting. Who knows? It could even lead you into generating extra income if you think along that line.

A Jar of Red Plum Jam

Making Jam

Jam is very tasty when consumed with bread. The fine aspects of jam lie in one’s palate or taste buds. This is owes to the fact that your palate always risks an interpretation from the brain when it gets in touch with food. What would you rather taste in your mouth? Your taste buds always expect to taste something good.

When I made my first can of jam, I never expected things to turn out as well as they did. It left me wondering why I never learnt it sooner than I did. Anyone can make jam. It is ones will that is usually lacking or questioning so much as to cast doubt in your mind. There is always the fear of failure. We always stand to fail when we try things for the first time before success comes knocking? But, anyone can make jam.


·   1 kg Ripe Fruit (Recommended fruits include; plums, oranges, papaya

     or berries etc)

·   ½ kg Sugar

·   12lt Water

·   Recommended preservatives

NB: fruit must be ripe and firm but not overripe. The type of fruit is important in that, it must be a fruit that naturally contains pectin- a substance that makes the jam to set quickly without other additives.

YouTube video on How to Make Jam


The making of jam requires a little finance in that fruits can be rather costly. Jam should be made when a particular fruit is in season. This is when fruits are affordable at a reasonably low price.

The sugar in jam serves the purpose of sweetening and also preserving the fruit.Finances can be sourced from personal savings, banks, micro-finance institutions, cooperative societies, etc.


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  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi Ginger Ruffles,

    Thanks for visiting, reading through and commenting on my hub. I love my jam for its natural allure, no unhealthy additives and the fact that it is a product of my hands. I have seen corn syrup in tomato sauce too. I just stopped buying it. The joy of making mine is that I don't have to consume dangerous preservatives added to increase the product's shelf life. I can also choose the colour I want in the product. It is also cost effective to make your own. I also limit the amount of sugar I want in it. I'm glad your passed by, and with similar interests. Try out some as explained. You won't regret. Please do come again

  • profile image

    Ginger Ruffles 5 years ago

    Excellent idea! I've been thinking about doing this because most jams contain high fructose corn syrup that I know I don't want in my jam and a lot of other's don't either.