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Why is HR Block not Doing Rapid Refund

Updated on February 18, 2016

H&R Block

I recently had my tax return prepared at H&R Block just to find out they no longer do Rapid Refund. I am posative millions of customers will be disappointed. Aparently H&H Blocks banking partner HSBC bank was forced to stop offering the high interest loans by federal regulators.I am sure this will be a big blow to H&R Block as I, like many Americans only went to HR Block because of the Rapid Refund.

In a way, I am glad this has occured but H&R Block should have to warn there customers before they do there tax return. had I known in advance, I would have prepaired my own taxes, but the prepairer did my return and never said a word, costing me $300 and I will receive my money in 8-15 days. I believe it is unfair. I could have went to another place and received the rapid refund or done my return myself and it would have cost me a fraction of that cost. I do not believe I will return to HR Block again. I feel they are being shady by not informing there customers in advance.

H&R Block should put a sign up letting customers know and inform them before having there tax return prepared. The Treasury Department did say the reasons where confidential as to why they put a stop on HSBC but I bet they where doing something illegal and so is HR Block. This is the last straw with me at HR Block. They already charge millions of Americans way to much money to have there taxes prepared when a person can use an online site and answer the same questions as an HR Block Preparer for a fraction of the cost.

Purchase Turbo-Tax

Purchase one of these Turbo-Tax products instead of going to H&R Block. Answer the same questions as HR Block does. As long as you can read and type, you can also prepare your own Tax return at a fraction of the cost. All you are paying for is for someone to read the questions for you.

As I was writting this hub a commercial caught my eye. The commercial was an HR Block advertisement. In the commercial HR Block stated,  "file your taxes for free". HR Block is trying to get customers in the door but there is a catch as usual. A customer can only be filling a 1040EZ. it can not be used by anyone who has dependents, makes more than 100,000 a year, is 65 or older, or claims any adjustment to income.

A customer who does qualify will have to pay for the state anyhow. The offer also ends Feb 15. HR Blocks goal in this is to increase cutomers by getting there foot in the door but, I do not think this strategy will work. I think HR Block should be ran out of buisness for taking from the poor. HR Block knows these poor people with big tax returns need there money and they do everything they can to take it. I too fell prey to HR Block for there Rapid Refund program and I am happy they are no longer allowed to offer Rapid Refund

Another bad trip to HR Block

Yesterday I went to HR Block in PA. I wanted the Christmas loan for 2012. I could not find my current license and only had my old expired one and the man at HR Block stated, he could not do the Christmas loan without a current license at all. He did not even ask me if I had another type of ID and seemed to not even care. I knew there was a reason I did not like going to the HR Block in PA.

I work in NY State so I decided to drive over there and try to see if they had a copy. In PA, the drivers license department is only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it was a Monday plus I work all day and they are only open till 4, I work till 4:30 daily.

I arrived at HR in NY and the lady asked me what other forms of ID I had. She was supper nice and said we could do it because I had a county ID. I am employed by the county. All the information was already in the computer because I had started in PA and it was saved till I came back. I was approved for the $800 Christmas loan for 2012. I was super excited, I could finally go Christmas shoping and my daughter was also excited. It never fails there is always a reason I end up going to HR Block in NY instead of PA.


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    • profile image

      Dan 6 years ago

      Turbotax will not get your refund any faster than using H&R Block. The IRS decides how fast the refund comes. And you people who used the refund loan were paying interest on the money so you should be happy that you are saving that interest. Anyway, I bet no tax company will be offering refund loans after this year due to government regulations so get used to it.

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 6 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      I just want everyone to know although HR Block is not doing Rapid Refund they are still doing there holiday Christmas loans. In NY and PA Christmas loans at HR Block will start November 28, 2011.

    • profile image

      Full-Time Student 7 years ago

      I used both TurboTax and H&R Block, entered the same information and received the same amount of return in $ to the cent. But than again, I'm not really sure how to complete and file a tax return anyways. Cheers

    • Nat Amaral profile image

      Nat Amaral 7 years ago from BC Canada

      Thank you so much. I will indeed let many others know.

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 7 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      I hear that alot. My boyfriend does his own taxes and said he gets back more then when he used to let HR Block do them. I will be doing my own next year thats for sure.....

    • pitzele profile image

      pitzele 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Great hub! Thank you for spreading the word about a deceptive business practice which will hurt customers like ourselves. H & R Block is targeting lower income people who are in need of the money NOW. So imagine - a person who is pinching pennies and is returning to H & R Block in hopes of making his rental payment, mortgage, car, whatever on time or at least not too late. He is acknowledging the loss of several hundred dollars in order to get "his" money now, does his tax return with Block, and then finds out to his incredible chagrin that he still will have to wait! P. S. I used TurboTax this year for the first time, and it actually did help me get a bigger refund than I had anticipated.

    • profile image

      Apostle Jack 7 years ago

      You said it well.Thanks for sharing.