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Halo Pet Food Coupons

Updated on December 19, 2011

Halo Coupons Information

Do you have a dog or a cat? If so, then you realize how important it is to provide nutritious meals for your pets. However, the costs can certainly add up. To make the shopping budget for your pet foods and grooming supplies a little cheaper, find and use Halo printable coupons and discount coupon codes for their natural dog food, natural cat food and pet grooming supply products. When you utilize special offers and price discounts for the pet foods you need to buy, it may save you some money that can be used for other purchase needs.

Halo Purely for Pets, is an all natural pet food company that is co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres. The company is devoted to an all natural and holistic approach to pet care products. Their dog and cat foods contain premium quality ingredients, and their first priority with all of their products is the health and well-being of your pet. Their official website is at Their product line consists of dog food, cat food products, nutritional supplements, treats and herbal grooming supplies. The origin of their flagship product line "Spot's Stew", began with a cat named 'Spot'. As 'Spot' grew to an adult cat, it became sick with various conditions. The owner fed the cat some of the available 'premium' cat foods without any change in the cat's health. Spot's owner, Andi Brown was not happy with the pet foods on the market, so she cooked up a batch of stew that included all-natural fresh chicken and vegetables. This stew helped Spot to overcome its health conditions and that is how "Spot's Stew" was created.

Halo Dog and Cat Food Coupons

The first place to see for discounts is direct at the company's official website. There you can sign-up for their "Purely for Pets" newsletter. They will send information about their dog and cat foods as well as printable coupons and discount specials to your email.

The next page to see for discounts is at ( Here they feature current free printable coupons that give $'s off of Spot's Stew in the bag or cans, as well as grooming products. Checking back here will provide opportunities for current and future product price specials for their Halo Purely for Pets dog and cat food products.

You may also be able to find special promo price codes, bargains, printable offers and other discount codes online for dog, cat foods and grooming supplies at vendor websites such as,, and

Examples of saving sources:

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    • profile image

      Cheri 7 years ago

      My cats love Halo! One of my cats was a rescue from a bad situation where he was neglected and not given food every day. Halo is the 3rd brand of cat food I have tried on my cat. The 1st brand added weight on my cat. The 2nd brand was cheaper, but my cat didn't look very healthy. Halo (the 3rd brand) helped my cat attain a good weight and gave him the most beautiful, softest, shiny fur. He looks so good that he is now shown in cat shows under the household cat category and wins ribbons! All the judges remark on his soft fur.