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Have A good day

Updated on June 16, 2011
My happiness is cooking
My happiness is cooking | Source

Having a good day breeds happieness

Do you really know what it means to have a good day? If you load up all your troubles and put them in a box under your bed, will they go away? Are you about to lose your family house, car and everything you own?

When your friends tell you it’s going to be ok, why listen. Finely do you respond to other peoples inquiries by saying “you just don’t understand”. Those damn bill collectors just won’t quite calling every night at supper time.

Let me ask you one more question, when was the last time you forgot about your problems and just offered help to someone else that needed it. Do you have all the house bills lying on the kitchen table and the bottom of the whisky bottle is coming up close. I know that was two Questions but that’s the way life really is kid.

Try this once if you don’t think it works, then what do you have to lose, you losing everything anyway. I’m not asking you to put yourself in my shoes God only knows what you may catch there.

Approach all your bill collectors by phone ask for a supervisor and explain your situation to him or her then get their name. Be responsible to yourself and family first and then figure out how to pay the bills, Food and transportation. If the bill collectors refuse to set up a small payment plan for you. Keep in mind that durning your discussion you have several bills so make sure the payments are low enough. If he cannot make a deal then advise them that you will probably file bankruptcy then.

The key to feeling better about your financial dilemma is to get it all off your chest. Trying to keep your good credit is a lot harder than keeping your good name. This is just the beginning my friend, when you can feel the heat starting to leave your body. Now you look your friends in the eye and walk tall my friend. Nothing in life is easy but it is understandable if you have the will power to take it on.

Everything that you lose is because your eyes are bigger than your stomach, just like your mother told you 20 years ago. Wisdom has many faces, most of which are born out of problems fixed by yourself. So when you are feeling like the world is against you because” YOU” caused it by your own actions.

Now that you are feeling better about yourself, have you done anything to help a neighbor or friend in need? Don’t think just because you skated on the house and credit cards that this is over. This is just the beginning, now pay your new found wisdom forward and watch the good things that will happen back at you. Be proud of yourself but don’t get cocky, look forward but cover your but, don’t buy what isn’t in your pocket and last of all remember the 10% rule. Life’s donations includes more than just the church, so If you don’t like the success you’re having now, then just wait till you quite trying.

Most of all if you’re happiness is contagious to others than this too will spread.


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