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Helpful Information Regarding 2011 Tax

Updated on May 28, 2011

Those who want to file their 2011 tax quickly and easily should take advantage of the free filing program that is being offered by the IRS. This particular program allows one to do his or her taxes in a speedy and efficient manner. It is safe to use and does not cost a cent.

There are two options for those who use this particular program. One can opt to use a software program or use a form that can be filled online.


The software program is made for those who earn under $58,000 a year.

It has been estimated that around seventy percent of the taxpayers in the United States can use the Free File software program and the online filing option that is offered via private sector companies. The software program is also made in Spanish as well as English.

The companies that offer this software on behalf of the IRS do have certain requirements that may determine whether or not a person is eligible to use the software or online form. However, any taxpayer that earns less than the salary mentioned above is eligible.

Once a person has gotten into the Free File website, he or she will find a tool that directs the user to give a bit of pertinent information about him or herself. The tool will subsequently lead the person to the exact program that he or she can use to file taxes, depending on the individual's stated income.

The program does the most difficult portion of the 2011 tax work. Even a person filing a tax return for the first time can easily use this program. One can get a refund in under two weeks when filing taxes with this program.

Given how helpful the Free file program is, it is not hard to understand why nearly 100% of all users state that they would recommend this particular program to a friend.

How have you prepared your taxes in the past?

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    • Josh Wiley profile image

      Josh Wiley 7 years ago

      Nice resource for those that qualify. Thanks!