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Hiding money from your partner

Updated on October 20, 2011
I am hiding money to surprise you on Christmas
I am hiding money to surprise you on Christmas

Shhhh...I have a secret bank account and credit card

Your partner is your friend, your companion, your soulmate, your love. Right?

You share your life with him or her, why would you hide money?

Some of your reasons may be:

  • Are you embarrassed of the debt your racked up on your "secret" credit card?
  • Do you have a "secret" credit card to buy your partner secret presents?
  • Do you have someone on the side?
  • Are you secretly trying to save money to surprise them later?
  • Are you stashing away money in a Savings Account in case they leave you?
  • Are you planning on bailing eventually?

If you are experiencing any of the above situations, you are not alone. However, why can't you be honest.

I want to surprise you

If you have a "secret" credit card for positive reasons (i.e. to buy surprise gift for your partner - and, um, not your "secret" mistress or boy toy) than I am all for it.

More times that not, "secret" money is secretive for bad reasons. You are secretly buying toys for your kids with you ex that your current partner does not "need" to know about, you are racking up huge bills at the bar, or you just had to have the new i-Phone, and your partner was not budgeting an extra $600 this month.


Have you hidden debt or money from your partner?

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Secret #1 - Bank account

If you have a secret online account, then most likely, your partner will not know. But don't you file taxes together?? Isn't there a chance you will get caught. If you are not married to your partner, then maybe you will not. Why risk it? Financial issues cause so much stress in relationship and is one of the most significant reasons for divorce.

If you are hiding money for positive reasons, go for it! However, I would reconsider your motives and rebalance your thoughts.


*Don't* look in my wallet!
*Don't* look in my wallet!

I recommend you use your Credit Card for everything you can!

Another Hub ~ Using your credit card for all purchases 2011~ from Marlo

*Click on the link above for ways to earn and preserve money using your credit card.

Secret #2 - Credit card

Again, if you choose online statements only, your partner will not even know you have a "secret" credit card, unless they find it in your wallet.

I am not sure how you, the soulmate, can easily get away with hiding a credit card - and paying it each month - from a joint bank account, but if you want to be dishonest, go for it!


You hold the key to my heart, but I hold the key to my "secret" safety deposit box.
You hold the key to my heart, but I hold the key to my "secret" safety deposit box.

Secret #3 - Safety deposit box

One can easily hide money, jewelry, or "secret" documents at a bank in a Safety Deposit Box. Any bank who has an Safety Deposit Box department, will give you one. Just sign all of their forms, give them money, and your stuff is secretly stashed away.

If you do not have your partner listed as an authorized user, or had them sign a form at your bank, then they cannot touch your box.


In conclusion

Feel free to do what you want with your money - after all, you have worked hard and earned it.

I advise you to reconsider why you want to hide money or debt with your partner. If you want to surprise them, trying communicating that "I will pay the credit card bill next month as I charged a surprise gift for you." (Rather than open an entirely new "secret" credit card to hide stuff).

If you have a "secret" bank account - come clean. You can try honestly, "Honey, love, I am saving a little extra money for our future. You are on the account, but can you not look at the statement until I reach the savings goal?"

If you communicate your concerns, your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend may even be open to your words, appreciate your honestly, understand that you are trying to help your financial situation...

and they may even be elated - and even more understanding - when you whip out of the closet in that holiday lingerie.


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    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 6 years ago from United States

      Thanks MsDora! At least you have some food for thought for your future.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      I don't have partner so I didn't vote. You stimulated my thinking, nevertheless. You presented some corners I hadn't thought about. Thanks and keep up the good work.