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Homeowner's Insurance - The Investment of Insuring Your Home

Updated on January 18, 2012
Many homes have caught fire in California because of laziness or arson.  Smokey the bear has been fighting that a long time.   The loss of massive forests and wildlife is so sad.
Many homes have caught fire in California because of laziness or arson. Smokey the bear has been fighting that a long time. The loss of massive forests and wildlife is so sad.

Homeowner's Insurance

Insuring your home is a wise thing to do as it protects what is probably the largest purchase you will ever make in life. It not only protects your home, but it also can protect you in case you should ever be sued for any damages or injury you cause.

The key is to try and find the right amount and right kind of insurance that you need and want. This way, you would be covered should you ever experience that kind of loss. When you have homeowners insurance, it covers both your house and what is inside. This includes your personal possessions, and just about anything of value so that you don't lose it all and be left with nothing. Money cannot replace your precious things and mementos, but it can help to restore some life where it has been lost perhaps. It has to be one of the biggest nightmares I can imagine having to deal with in life, besides the loss of a loved one.

To those that don't have an actual house for, but have a condominium or a co-op for their home, there are special policies that can be found for those as well. So that is good news for those that want to plan ahead for such a thing.

You will likely purchase your homeowners insurance from an agent or representative of one of the insurers out there. They sell these policies to those that want to invest in protecting their home against such a possible loss. If you go to get insurance for your home, start by getting several bids so that you can shop around for the best price. Ask a lot of questions and find out all you can so that you can make the wisest and most financially sound decision that you can. Make sure to check around with those you trust and respect to see if they have any thoughts or recommendations. Make sure to check out the reputation of the particular insurers you are looking at as well. If there is something negative to know, now is the time to find out.

Our Personal Experience Just This Year With Our Homeowner's Insurance

We have had Farmer's Insurance for some time. This last year the weather had been rather severe. Many of you remember the year that all the tornadoes seemed worse than normal for the United States. Well, we had no trouble personally, with tornadoes, but intense hail damage to our roof, windows and deck.

We were contacted by some roofers, or a roofing company that was helping out others in our neighborhood. Frankly, we were too busy to think much about it, but then how can you not when you realize your damage was worse than you thought?

We went through all the proper channels with our insurance. They did show pretty bad damage from the storm and approved a new roof. I am so impressed with our insurance company every step of the way. When we needed them most, they came through with shining colors. Now, we and they may have prevented much more costly damage that could have come from a damage and weakened roof. I am very thankful for it all, and paying the deductible seems more than fair to do. We may never have been able to afford the whole thing at once.

This is just one example of why its so good to really consider getting good home insurance, and to go with a good company.

A little bit of trivia

Did you know that it was Benjamin Franklin who organized the first first fire insurance company? Benjamin Franklin did just that right here in America in 1752. I hadn't realized that before, and wanted to share it here. Interestingly enough, it is still in business in Philadelphia!

Homeowners insurance is a wise investment.
Homeowners insurance is a wise investment.


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      Paula 6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Hello Suzetteboston, thank you very much.

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      suzetteboston 6 years ago

      A wonderful and informative article.