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How Can I Be More Frugal with My Money?

Updated on May 11, 2011

What Can I do starting Today to be more frugal?

Whether out of necessity or because you enjoy being frugal (some people really do like that), becoming more frugal is a smart way to be. Life is expensive and we never know what is possibly just around the corner in regards to emergencies or other unexpected expenses. Much has been written on the subject but I want to share a bit more that I have learned over the years.

* Shop smarter, by looking for sales and cutting coupons. You have heard the quote perhaps, that anything really worthwhile is never free? Being frugal will cost you, but not in money necessarily. This is a case where your time is put to work for you. In a time when many don't even have work, this is one thing to you can do.

Some people only cut some coupons like out of coupon books that the kids sell for fund raisers, OR they cut coupons that are for special restaurants nearby, etc. You can save a lot of money this way as well, even if you don't ever even look at coupons in the Sunday paper. Another option that many use now is online coupons for just about everything. You can avoid the scissors altogether this way. Try out the new Groupon coupons they have out now for neat things in your area.

* Do a staycation instead of a vacation. Stick nearby your home, give yourself a radius say of 50 miles or so. This idea is not necessarily new, but many are doing it for the first time and having a blast with it. Many people have always done "staycations" but just never called it that. Save money and support your local economy at the same time.

* If you do travel, consider staying with your friends or family. Travel out to see them and things in their area perhaps. Almost everyone is trying to save money it seems these days, they may understand and offer you to stay with them for one or two nights perhaps. Help out as you can if you do this, and enjoy the time with family and friends while saving a lot of money on hotels.

* Shop the new and improved second hand stores that you can find these days. In this economy, many second hand stores are doing better than ever. Whether consignment or not, there are some really nice things to be found out there. They do not just have cheap and shabby things on the racks. Goodwill and others like it also are known to have sales! Call ahead and find out how you can meet your needs for a lot less money.

*Drink more water and less sodas and other drinks that cost money. Our bodies crave water, and we go and grab something that costs more money than what water costs and could easily meet that need for free! Talk about being healthier! You will feel great and have more money at the same time. Keep this in mind especially when on the go. You can't help it if you become very thirsty while out and about and can't grab water then. You go to Starbucks or grab a soda or something instead. Plan ahead by taking your own ice water. Save the fun drinks for other special times, have water on hand always. Its just smart.

*Carpool. Consider helping out the environment and your pocketbook by carpooling. You see it a lot more on the highways where people drive and meet then commute on to work together. This is a great option. Meet people less often, and go together.

*When you are eating out, ask what the specials are if any, whether at a restaurant or ordering pizza. Not all sales and specials are advertised. You can save a lot of dollars this way.

Have you ever saved money by trying to be more frugal?

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    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Treasuresofheaven, thank you for visiting my hub and for your valuable input. Happy to share, thank you for the comment.

    • Treasuresofheaven profile image

      Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

      These are some good tips on being frugal. The coupon idea is time consuming, but worth it. Oh, and add reward cards - the places you frequent are the ones we should a rewards card for; this is an additional savings.

      Thanks for the share and reminders.