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How I Pick HYIPs to Invest In

Updated on August 10, 2015

Pick the Best Avoid the Scams

What is A High Yield Investment Program? (HYIP)

It is any program that has a higher return then the average bank or bond, etc. would have. There was a local real-estate company that offered 10% return on your investment. This may be called a HYIP. I don't know where the cut off is between a regular investment and a HYIP. It probably varies with the current economy. A mutual fund, say that returned 30% would not be considered a HYIP because that return could be 0% the next year. Unless they guaranteed a minimum return that fell into the standard HYIP return range.

Why I like HYIPs

You know up front that only about one in ten will last a year. I have been in several non-HYIP programs that have closed without warning. Anyone been in Zeek Rewards? And there are those advertising sites that pay you a return when you buy their advertising packages. I rarely got anything from them before they collapsed. Before you invest in a HYIP check the monitors to see how it is doing. I prefer programs that are over 300 days old. These seem to have a 50/50 chance of lasting another year. I have strayed back sometimes to see if a younger one that looks good will make it. It usually fails in a short time.

Sites that I Prefer

I go to and look over their listing mostly to pick programs. I then go to to see how they are currently doing. I like those that have three or more monitors rating them. The exception is Goldpoll. Since I get most of the sites from there, some are only rated by them. When I hear about or see an ad for a site or receive an email about a site, I check it out to see how old it is, where it is from and how well it is rated before I consider it for investing. I have a fanbox blog that lists the current sites I am involved in:

Do Your Homework or Due Diligence

There are sites that list popular HYIPs.The top two that I use are to check the rating of indivdual HYIPs. And They claim to be the largest HYIP listing/rating site on the net.

Beware of Smaller Monitoring Sites

I have been to some of these and they will advertise HYIPs that are scams because the owners pay them the advertising and some have made investments in the scams and want to make their money back at your expense. They have a lot of HYIPs from India, the Ukraine, etc. I invested in 6 of these and made back about 25% of my money before they all failed in a short amount of time. This is why I stay with the top sites now.


I have made a profit in a few of the HYIP,s I invested in. Not enough yet to pay for the money I spent. Most of it by not investing wisely at the beginning. The results are much better then the other methods of making making money online that costs me: buying e-books, advertising, monthly fees, autoresponders etc. And not getting nowhere near back what they cost.

I have quit HYIP's

Not because of the HYIP's themselves. It is the money exchangers and US regulations. The better ones quit taking US customers because of regulations, The most popular got closed down for money laundering. And it was based in Russia like so many are. The small profit I made went when the one closed. The ones left are too costly or in questionable locations.


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