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How I Spent $1000 By Making A Phone Call

Updated on July 27, 2016
Colin Wattonville profile image

Colin Wattonville is a business student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, with a background in marketing, entrepreneurship, & finance.

Are you a student who has been looking to get into the stock market? Maybe you know nothing about investing. If you are like the majority of students today, then you probably know that you should be doing more than just saving your money, but have never been taught how to invest and plan ahead for your future.

Luckily, I was forced into learning about investing just after I graduated high school. After my graduation party, I was opening cards from all of my family and friends who attended. The card that I remember most vividly was from my aunt and uncle. Inside was a very kind, loving message and a check. As I flipped the check over, I saw that it was for one share of Berkshire B stock. So the next day, I went down to a TD Ameritrade branch and opened up my very own investment account. I had officially created my own investment portfolio.

Just because I got off to an early start doesn't mean that it was a great one. To date, I have lost over $600. I will use a term that Dave Ramsey - a well-known financial counselor - coined and outright call this my stupidity tax. Without any guidance, I started buying shares of companies that I thought surely couldn't decrease in value. Fast forward to today and I now have another account through TD Ameritrade - a Roth IRA. I am done going out on my own and instead, decided to follow some expert advice and educate myself on investing. Before today, I had only stocks in my Roth account, but during lunch, I decided to call TD Ameritrade. After only a couple of minutes getting connected to the correct department, I was confirming with a representative to purchase a CD that I had researched for $1000. Just with my voice, I purchased something for one thousand dollars! I didn't have to click anything, didn't have to swipe a card. I only used my voice. It was a very weird feeling. I felt like an adult. I felt empowered. Just like that, over lunch, within 15 minutes, I had taken my next step to planning my future.

© 2016 Colin Wattonville


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