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How I'm Getting Free Stuff at Walmart and Making Money with TopCashBack

Updated on March 25, 2014

Getting Free Stuff

I am all about using the internet to my advantage to make money, save money, and get free stuff. Why pay more than you have to? That's why I write articles/blog posts online to try to make money, sign up for daily deal sites like Groupon to save money, and use Cash Back Shopping sites whenever I shop online to get the most bank for my buck!

I've recently discovered that TopCashBack and Walmart team up about once per week to offer a free item that you can pick up in a local Walmart store or FedEx office location.

How It Works

TopCashBack and team up and offer a free product through cashback shopping.

Essentially, you go to TopCashBack, search for and they will have instructions on the page explaining what the product they are offering for free is and how much cash back you will get if you buy the product from after clicking through from TopCashBack.

The amount of cash back will always be greater than the sales price in order to cover the cost of taxes. In fact, the cash back has always been greater than the taxes I've been charged so I actually make a little bit of money on the deal!

You select to either pick up the item at a local Walmart store using their "Site to Store" option or at a local FedEx Office location so that you don't have to pay for any shipping costs.

The cashback will be credited to your account within 7 days (usually one day for me) and then takes approximately 14 weeks to be available for you to redeem. TopCashBack has no minimum requirement regarding withdrawing your cash back so as soon as the money is available you can request payment either via ACH straight into your bank account, Paypal, or an Amazon gift card.

Here are a few links to blog posts explaining more about how it works and what free items I have gotten thanks to Walmart and TopCashBack.

What I've Gotten For Free

The chart below shows all of the free items I have received and the extra money I have made since I found out about TopCashBack & Walmart's get free stuff with cash back deal. I will continue to update the chart as I get more free stuff and make more money!

Free Item
Extra $ Made
Bounce Free & Sensitive Fabric Softener Sheets
Disney's Frozen on DVD
Gain Spring Lavender Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

My Free Stuff on Amazon

Below are examples of the stuff I received for free and how much they cost on Amazon so you can see some of my savings!

How You Can Get Free Stuff Too

If you want to get free stuff from Walmart and TopCashBack. You should first sign-up for TopCashBack by going here.

Then you should search for Walmart and check to see if they are offering a current promotion for a free item with cash back. If they are, just click through to from TopCashBack and follow the instructions that TopCashBack gives you regarding getting the free item and cash back.

I will also continue to update by Cash Back Shopping Sites blog ( and my personal blog ( whenever Walmart and TopCashBack are offering one of these promotions.

You can also follow me on Twitter (@MayaFrances), Pinterest (vbchica14), and Facebook ( for updates.

How do you get Free Stuff online?

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