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How Millenials Got Shafted

Updated on December 3, 2016


As a member of the baby boomer class, I want to apologize to the millennials. Unfortunately, our generation has so mismanaged the economy, your generation will be burdened with debt that will last generations.

-August 2015

How Did This Happened?

First, I want to state that this problem is not the fault of only one party. Both political parties were instrumental in bringing this about. Democrats and Republicans, Congress and the Executive branch and the Judicial branch have allowed this to happen over a long period of times - decades in the making. It was always easier to solve a problem by "kicking the can" down the road. Elected officials took the short cut and ignored long term liabilities. The thinking was to let the next guy deal with it. This can only last so long and we have run out of the road - so to speak.

The crux of the problem is DEBT. Just like in a personal finance situation where a person declares bankruptcy after spending and borrowing money to the point of no return.

A government has the same economic laws that governs it. It cannot spend more than it takes in on a sustained basis.

Who Is At Fault?

The answer may surprise you. We, the people, are ultimately at fault. Because we are the ones that elected these officials year after year and in many cases re-electing the same officials when they have done little to solve any problems.

Of course, when I say "we", I mean the people who have been voting. The millennials were not part of that. They were too young when all this went down. Unfortunately, they are now in the work force and have to bear the burden.

Rather than continue down this path, It is time for a new generation to take over. Our democracy is resilient. As long as we have citizens who are educated and who cares, our future can be secured. Knowing what is the right path is a challenge.

What Are Some Of The Issues

  • Our national debt is increasing past 18 trillion dollars.
  • The Federal Reserve have kept the interest rate at zero percent for 6 years.
  • The baby boomers are retiring and social security is losing more money than it takes in.
  • Wall street is still a mess after the crash of 2008.
  • Healthcare is more expensive and higher deductibles.
  • Student loans are through the roof.
  • Job market is still anemic and worker pay is stagnant.
  • Food stamps and disability is at all time high.
  • Illegal immigrants are flooding our cities.
  • Race relations are at a low point.

Some Terminologies...

  • Income Inequality - another push for socialism.
  • One percent and Occupy Wall Street - Class warfare.
  • Social justice and minimum wage - wedge issue rich vs. poor.
  • Gender equality - divide by gender.
  • Pro Choice - Pro abortion.
  • Environmental Protection - EPA runs amok.
  • "Too big to fail" - No such thing in life.
  • Common Core - education standards for dumb down public education.
  • Undocumented Immigrants - illegal aliens.
  • Affordable Care Act - neither affordable or good care.
  • Racial Quota - reverse discrimination.
  • Black Lives Matter - All Lives Should Matter.


Mark Levin is a talk show host. He is also a Constitution lawyer and a best selling author. He has written numerous books on our declining government. His latest book outlines the issues that affect millennials. His book is called Plunder and Deceit. It is an accurate description of what our elected officials have done to our country and our wealth. It is well worth the read.

You the millennials are being shafted. You are the ones asked to defend this nation in the voluntary armed forces. You are not being taught the basics in civics in our failed public education system. You are laden with debt that you did not incur. You are being distracted by Hollywood and the social media. It is time you wake up and take charge.


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