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How To Avoid Going Out To The Shops Under Desperate Circumstances!

Updated on January 22, 2012

Gross story, but has a moral, and needs to be aired and shared!

I have been feeling ill lately. Luckily we have enough food, bread and milk to last a few days so I have no need to head out in the cold, with my cold...that is until I realise that Iam out of sanitary towels and in the middle of a heavy period. My head is banging; my nose is full of mucus; and I feel basically like I just want to collapse into bed but I'm slowly realising that I am going to have to wrap up, and head out to my local Tesco Express and pay over the odds for a small packet of towels to get me through the night. Bugger!

But then my subconscious begins to kick in and I am re-running an old conversation I had years ago with my old boss in my head and it makes me think "outside the box" so to speak. I had called up to say that I was feeling sick and actually had really bad diarrhea and therefore was unable to come into work that day. "I need to be near a toilet - there is no way I can get on the Underground" I told her, hoping she would just leave it at that and say get well soon. She was silent for a moment, but then when she spoke next, she suggested that perhaps I could make it in...if I stuck two sanitary towels together and wear them at once in case I got caught short on the tube! She said that she had done it before for her son and it worked fine!

The whole thought filled me with horror - firstly that she had the audacity to say that to me, an employee and then secondly, the thought of her poor child being subjected to this! I had laughed uneasily and said I would have to decline as I had no sanitary towels and we left it at that. However, fifteen years on, the experience clearly still haunts me!

Essentially the same thing, right?

But anyhoo, perhaps it was a useful encounter, as I realised I could apply this logic, but in reverse to my current predicament! My daughter has just turned two and is still in nappies so I thought, maybe I could cut up a nappy and use that as a makeshift sanitary towel!

And you know what, it was successful! It saved me a trip out in the cold and dark when I was under the weather, and despite seeming a bit odd, I do think they are essentially the same thing!

Moral of the story - whenever you are in the middle of a strange situation, embrace it, as you never know when it may kick in and help you look at things a different way and perhaps even may solve a problem for you!

© 2011 Earthy Mother


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    • davenmidtown profile image

      David Stillwell 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

      If you have questions you may ask... I am happy to help as I may.

    • Earthy Mother profile image

      Earthy Mother 6 years ago from South East England

      Lol! Indeed - thank you so much for reading this - it's all a bit new to me, so I appreciate your feedback greatly! :o)

    • davenmidtown profile image

      David Stillwell 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Invention is the mother of necessity! A story retold.

    • formosangirl profile image

      formosangirl 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Interesting. Welcome to Hubpages.