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How To Become A Provident Agent - Provident Personal Credit Jobs

Updated on March 7, 2012

Today we are going to look at becoming an agent for Provident Personal Credit. We will tell you what exactly you need in order to become an agent, how to get the job and what will be required of you if you do get the job. Basically if you are looking to earn some extra money and are considering working for Provident then this page will tell you all you need to know.

Provident Personal Credit are one of the UK’s most well known doorstep lenders. They offer small loans paid back over a short term. As they are a doorstep lender they employ people to go out and give out loans and then collect the repayments from customers. They call these people agents. Provident employs thousands of agents all over the country and this is seen as quite a good part time job. So is being a Provident agent something for you and do you qualify for the role?

Provident Personal Credit

Who Can Be A Provident Agent?

If your sat there reading this thinking I don’t have the necessary qualifications to be a finance agent, then you are probably wrong. When you apply for the job you don’t need any special qualifications, all you really need is common sense and some basic maths skills. Obviously you also need to be able to write and count. Other than those basic skills though there is really nothing else you need when it comes to abilities.

Something that you do need if you want to work for Provident is a car. The rounds that agents cover can often be quite large and spread out over several miles. Plus if you are going to be carrying money with you it is not a good idea to just be walking the streets.

Things that will help you if you do become an agent are qualities such as being good with people, being determined, being hard working and also having some good common sense. All you really need to succeed as an agent are these simple things and the ability to learn as you go along.

Applying For A Provident Job

Applying for a job as a Provi agent could not be easier. You can visit the Provident Personal Credit website and there is an option there for becoming an agent, or you can simply ring your local office and say you are interested in becoming an agent. The company are always on the lookout for new agents because due to the nature of the job agents come and go on quite a regular basis. You may have to wait a few weeks for a round to become available, but within no time you should find that there is a vacancy that will open up.

When you apply for a job as an agent you will obviously have to go for an interview. You will be asked some basic questions and you will also have to give a few more details about yourself. It is very rare that people do not get through the interview stage as the company are always looking for new agents. Provident will also do a few back ground checks on you to check you have no criminal record or anything like that.

If you get through all this you will then be given an agents manual. You must learn this as you will then be given a test on a computer. This is standard for all new agents and it is just as a way of training new workers. Even if you don’t pass the test first time you will usually find you are given another opportunity to complete the test and pass.

What Will Be Required From You If You Become An Agent?

If you do get the job and become a Provi agent then you will obviously have responsibilities. First you need to realise that although you are working for Provident Personal Credit, you are actually self employed. This is your own business so you need to keep records of income for tax purposes. This is not as tricky as it sounds as you are given a statement of earnings every week and then one big one at the end of the year.

When it comes to hours you work this really depends on the size of your round. The majority of agents just do part time hours. They usually collect on a Friday evening and a Monday evening. Some larger books may require additional evenings and afternoons. You will also need to set aside time to visit the office each week for your interview with your manager, this is normally on a Thursday and will take about an hour. Plus on a Tuesday morning you need to take the money to the post office and return your bag to the office.

Although this is considered a part time job you do need to be there for your customers. If they ring you on a Saturday morning asking for a loan, you do not have to oblige them. But if you want a good agency then you need to put the needs of customers first, although of course there are limits as to how far you would take this. This is where common sense come in. You will also be required to manage money, you will be collecting money and giving it out, so you need to be comfortable dealing with money.

In Summary

So basically pretty much anyone can apply for a job with Provident Personal Credit. All you need in order to become an agent is a car and some basic abilities. Provident are really just looking for honest, hard working people who are going to do well for the company. The money you can earn as an agent can be very good, you do work on commission so the more you put in the more you get back. As a part time job this can really be a good place to earn a decent bit of money.

There are thousands of men and women all over the country who work as Provident agents. The hours are not overly taxing, the work is not overly complicated. If you have had dealings with the company in the past you may have an idea of how it all works. So if you are looking for a bit of extra money and would like your very own business, then why not apply for a job with Provident Personal Credit and become an agent.


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    • andyoz profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrew Orrell 

      3 years ago from UK

      You are spot on, I lost my job recently as I was told my round was not big enough. I had worked there for 13 years. Was not at all impressed, the company has let a lot of people down and has shown now loyalty to hard working agents and staff. I really should update this article and let people know what Provident are really about these days.

    • profile image

      Fed up 

      3 years ago

      Your information Andy is way out of date. Provi no longer wants part time agents, any agent with a small book is having their agency taken off them, they can only keep it if they agree to be " available " 7 days a week 52 weeks of the year, on a full time basis. The complete opposite of what Provident was originally built on, i.e. Usually mums working part time in community that they knew, and working around their family commitments.

    • profile image

      Provi agent 

      5 years ago

      Don't do it, unless you like being daily bullied, working all week to end up owing the company money in fines,except that you must work 24/7 52 weeks of the year, even if Ill or a close family member dies, constantly phoned or texted, not just by customers but by the office as well. There are no pluses but plenty of negatives, you will be offered incentives to earn bonus, but they will move the goal posts at the last minute to prevent paying you, you will be expected to give up evenings, travel many miles to offices, to waste your time harassing your customers on the phone, for no pay or even expenses to cover your petrol costs, refuse at your peril, you are self employed in name only, if you are told to jump the only answer is how high. It is their way or the highway.


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