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How To Become Sucessful on YouTube

Updated on July 6, 2017

1. Choose A Niche

When starting your YouTube Channel, try to think of a niche that isn't too over-saturated to prevent competition with too many channels. After choosing a niche, try to focus on that niche only, because if you try to make content that spread over many niche, your viewers will be confuse about what you're uploading and your uploading schedule, meaning less people will tune in regularly to watch your content. Focusing on niche help the the viewers know more about what your channel is about helping you get more subscribers and views on all of your videos. To conclude, only upload content focusing on one or maybe two niche and remember, if you trying to reach out to everyone, you are reaching out to no one.

2. Create Longer Contents

If you know about the YouTube algorithm, you will know that YouTube have always favored longer videos (longer than 10 minutes to be exact). Why? The longer the the videos, the more advertisement can be shown while the video is playing. Not only longer videos bring more profit to YouTube but to you too, because YouTube pays you 45% of the income from the video, not a fixed amount.. But longer video aren't always more effective since viewers can you don't necessary have to make your content long because there's still video that only last 3 to 5 minutes but still get millions of views, one example of these is animation from the channel called Domics. So to conclude, longer video are usually more effective but it not really necessary for a successful channel.

3. Clickbait Title and Thumbnail

"Wait, clickbait? I thought you said to make high quality contents?" you might said. Yes, I did tell you to make high quallity videos but you have to understand that most videos on YouTube that's called "clickbait" usually have a misleading title. If you want your video to have many views, then create a title that viewers will want and likely to click on, but the title must not be misleading and the content must be true to what the title is saying or not your channel reputation will be ruined and nobody will want to watch video you post in the future. The thumbnail must be like the testimonial for the video to prove that the content in the video is true and not a lie.

4. Upload Frequently

Uploading frequently will give you 2 benefits, you have more videos, which meaning more money maker and your viewers can stay entertain or your channel. And if you upload sticking to a schedule, that is even better because your viewers can know when will a video will be release, meaning your video is more likely to be watch. Even if you're just starting out, uploading frequently is very important because viewers and subscribers can know that you're keen on making videos and not dropping it off after a month or two. Make sure that all of your videos are all high quality and not only your main series, if you're busy then upload some shorter or easier to make content to keep your viewers entertained.

5. Upload Appropriate Contents

YouTube is platform friendly for all ages, so if you upload contents that are inappropriate ( contents that violate one or more guidelines the YouTube's Community Guidelines ) you will get punish by YouTube. The punishment can be from getting your video age-restricted up to getting your channel monetization cut for a period of time. After the punishment, your channel's reputation reduce and YouTube will keep an eye on your channel for a while. So if you want to make the most out of your video and keep your channel's reputation high then don't violate any guideline in YouTube Community Guideline.

6. Upload Evergreen Contents

There's two types of contents, Evergreen Contents and Skyscraper Contents. Evergreen Contents are contents that stay interesting and entertaining over the a long period of time or sometime, forever. Skyscraper Contents is like the opposite of Evergreen Contents, instead being entertaining for a long time, Skyscraper Contents only stay interesting for a short amount of time. Skyscraper Contents are basically viral and trend contents, some examples of the Skyscraper Contents are the Fidget Spinner videos, Bottle Flip videos, etc. Skyscraper Contents may easily bring you income for a short period of time but after that it would bring you very little to no income after that. But, Evergreen Contents will have lower traffic at first but it will bring you income over a long period of time. So if you want the most money from your work and for a long time, then create Evergreen Contents, it will be hard when you started but it will be easier after a while.

7. Ask for Collaboration or Sponsor other Channels

If you're really keen on YouTube and are very determine to grow a successful channel then this could be an effective way to grow your channel quickly. Asking for collaboration with a bigger channel can result in the channel's viewers and subscribers to going to your channel to watch your videos and support you. If you get refuse to much then there's still a way, try to sponsor a bigger channel to mention you in a video, it cost money but the rise in views and subscriber on your channel will be worth it. Even though more people will watch your videos, but if they stay and subscribe to your channel depend on the quality of your videos and how entertaining they are.

8.Don't Spam Video

Spamming videos are basically re-uploading video can get you flat out banned of YouTube and get a massive amount of hates on your channel. If your channel somehow still able to survive, them your traffic will decrease dramatically because your viewers will be bored due to watching repetitive contents from your channel. Matters can get worst if other channels like GradeAUnderA for example to review about your channel, then all of his viewers can know and spread the information about your channel, ruining your channel's reputation, resulting in nobody watching your video and no income. To conclude, you shouldn't spam videos unless you want your YouTube career to end and everybody hating you.

9. Getting Sponsored

If you have grown a quite big channel then you could try to get sponsored by companies to gain more income. Grapevine is a good site if you want to get started on getting sponsored, you can sign up with your YouTube Account, brands will be able to see your YouTube Analytics, YouTube channel and decide to sponsor you are not, the higher quality your videos and the better your analytics the higher chance you will get sponsored. Grapevine also help you build influencer marketing program. You can get sponsor for all of your video if your channel is good enough, you don't have to worry about people complaining about there's too many sponsored video because there is successful channel like Linus Tech Tips which get sponsored for every single videos of his.

10. Brace for Haters

If you are just running a new channel, then you don't have to worry too much about haters, but once you grow your channel to become bigger then you will realize that there will some mean comments popping up in the comments section of your videos. Haters can demotivate you when you first see it, after seeing a lot of them you will realize that it kinda normal for a creator on YouTube or any platform at all. Haters usually hate you because they jealous of your success, so should take them as motivation, haters sometime will also leave some constructive criticism so haters aren't so annoying, they are actually helpful (sometime).

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Thank you for reading this article, I hope you have a successful YouTube career and if you any more tips and trick to grow a successful YouTube channel so other people can know as well. If you want to support me then please follow me or read some more of my articles, I'll be grateful if you do so.


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    • profile image

      Nguyen Nhat Quang 8 months ago

      Thank you, I hope you can start and grow a big channel one day, don't give up!

    • Robie Benve profile image

      Robie Benve 8 months ago from Ohio

      Great advice! I've been toying about becoming active on YouTube for a while, but I haven't found the courage yet. Maybe one day...