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How To Build a Passive Income Stream

Updated on January 20, 2011

A bit ago I decided to learn how to make money online. This led me into hearing about passive income. If you do not know what passive income is, its just a stream of money that comes in each month with little or no work on your part. Well, it takes work. Just most of your work is done up front. That is what makes this a great idea. There are people who have multiple income streams and it is like a set and forget method.

Most people who set out to make money online want fast easy cash. This is probably the single biggest mistake made. Nothing is fast, nothing is easy, but there is cash to be made. You just have to know how to get it. Not all money made online is passive. Some of the money you make is just like an eight hour a day job. You need to work it each day in order to keep the money coming in.

Passive income is a system that will continue to earn even after you stopped working the system on a daily basis. People earn online each day. The path that you take, or the program that you buy will not be the deciding factor if you succeed or not. Its your decision to succeed or fail. The only way you can fail is if you quit. No one likes a quitter.

My favorite method for a passive income online is Google.  With Google you can make money using Adsense.  Adsense is their ad program.  This is where marketers pay to have their ads placed on your site(s).  This is a great program because Google places the ads and you get paid for allowing the on your site.  If you can keep the traffic up and the clicks happening you can easily make money with Google.  Yep, all those ads are not wrong.  Well, not entirely wrong.  You are not going to make thousands with just one website. 

How many websites that are required really depends on the method that you decide to take.  You can build your own sites and monetize them with Adsense after you start getting the traffic numbers up.  This is something that a lot of online marketers do each and every day.  They build blogs and sites.  They promote these sites using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get people to visit.  They make money from this sites and the money keeps growing as long as you can keep the promotion going. 

The other method (preferred method) is finding programs that have Adsense share.  This is where Hubpages can really help you a lot.  Their share program is great.  In reality all you need to do is produce original material that others want to read.  Then you just publish the hub and your off to making money.  The amount of money that you make from your partnership with hubpages really depends on how many hubs that you build.  

There are hubbers that have over 1000 hubspages.  They are making pretty good money each month with Google.  The amount needed to start seeing some type of income is around 100 hubs.  This is actually a pretty easy task if you can write.  Of course you can outsource the writing of these hubs.  This will save you time, but probably cost you around $5.00 per hub.  This money will come back after a few months.  So, the investment will pay off with in the first year.  

Building Your Hub Empire

If you decided to go with hubpages for starting your new passive income stream then you really need to read this section.  It is all about building an income stream with hubpages.  Actually you will need to build a hub empire.  This is because in order to make any money with hubpages (enough to count anyways) you will need to work everyday.  

We are talking about 100 hubs every 30 days.  This is a rate of about 3 hubs per day.  How long does it take to build a hub?  This really depends on you.  See if you can research and write then you have a leg up on some people.  I have read that there are people who can put a pretty decent hub together in about 20 minutes.  This is 3 per hour.  Not bad, if you can do that then you will be looking at the money rolling in. 

The key thing is to get search engine traffic.  This is a must because hubbers do not click the ads.  You need these ads clicked so you can get paid.  So, you need to research the keywords and find out what is being searched for.  Good thing is that Google has free tools that will help you with this.  You can use the Google keyword tool and Google Trends for this information. 

With Google Trends you can find out what is being searched for right now.  Then head on over to the keyword tool and find out about 20 or so related keyword searches.  This will help you deciding what to write about.  

Now you have your topic and keywords, its time to get some content.  You could search Google for this and read.  Also check out Wikipedia they have information for just about anything.  Read blogs and forums and news articles.  Remember do not copy anything, you want to bring money in so you need to keep your hub score up.  Copied material will just hurt you. 

Now you can start building your hubpages with confidence.  Remember that the money will not start immediately but over time you will start to see an increase.  Just keep typing and building.  You will love it and so will hubpages.  It is great to share.  So if you have any other hubpage tips then please share them by leaving a comment. 


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