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How To Buy Used Textbooks Online for Cheap

Updated on April 28, 2011
Used textbook prices are on the rise.
Used textbook prices are on the rise.

The Price of College Textbooks

As a college student, I know how expensive it is to attend college but to also buy textbooks. According to varies online studies, the average student spends $700 to $1,100 a year on textbooks. If you take summer semester classes, you pay even more!

Textbook prices are also skyrocketing faster than any other college expense.  What's the deal?

I've had to buy textbooks for classes for $100s of dollars and not even need it. You try to sell it back to the college bookstore and you get $10 for it. Wow, thanks!

What if I told you I knew a place where you could buy or rent your textbooks or etextbooks for 70 to 80% off the retail price?? You can even sell them back and get much more than your college bookstore.

Just 15 Seconds Will Save You Up 80% on New or Used Textbooks

Follow this short, simple list to save tons of money when you buy textbooks online:

1. Do NOT buy textbooks from your college bookstore. I repeat - Do NOT buy textbooks from your college bookstore :)

2. Do NOT buy textbooks until after your first day of class. The professor will let you know what textbooks you will need. I have bought quite a few books before classes, only to find we didn't need the extra books or even a book!

3. Use this FREE textbook price comparison tool called This site compares the prices of up to 15 different online bookstores to find the best deal for your books. Its free, there's no registration and takes a few minutes per book. It even shows you rental prices and etextbook prices. They compare prices for not only used textbooks, but new textbooks as well. Click here to buy cheap textbooks online using

Using for just 15 seconds (one search) will save you up to 80% on new or used textbooks!

4. Don't worry about the time it takes to ship textbooks. Online college textbook stores know the concerns and provide fast shipping. Some offer FREE shipping!

5. Repeat this cycle for every semester :)

How To Sell Your Textbooks

Here are the steps to sell your textbooks for the most money:

1. Same as step one from above - Do NOT sell your textbooks to your college bookstore. Also, your college bookstore will often not buyback your textbook because your college isn't using that edition next semester. But you have to remember that many colleges across the country WILL use that edition. You can still sell it online!

2. Go back to

3. Put your book title or ISBN into the search box. All the online bookstores who are selling your book will also buy it back.

4. Click on the links to the various stores and look for the "tab" on their homepage to sell your books. You simply type in your book title or ISBN and they will instantly give you a quote. Some stores will give you free shipping as well!

5. Repeat this cycle at the end of every semester :)

In Conclusion

Using is a fast and free price comparison tool that WILL save you up to 80% on college textbooks. There is no hidden fees. It's run by students for students! will also search prices for textbook rentals, etextbooks and international editions.

The only way to combat inflating textbook prices is to research, research, research. does that research for you in just a few seconds.

Personally, I've used this site a ton of times and it's saved me some big bucks :)


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