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How To Earn Money At The Beach

Updated on June 12, 2013


There are many ways to make money at the beach. You could sell food and drinks to hungry and thirsty tourists. You could also sell homemade crafts and souvenirs. If you don't want to sell things on the beach, you could earn money in other ways such as fishing or finding Jewelry with a metal detector.

Selling Food & Drinks

Selling food and drinks are a great way to earn money on the beach from tourists. Many tourists don't want to go anywhere so they'll pay more for convenience.

The item with the highest profit margin is water bottles. Water bottles can be bought at grocery stores and other convenience stores for around $4-6 for a pack of around 24. When selling them, you'll be able to get $1-2 piece. Overall you'll get around $40 for a pack of water, even after buying ice.

Other things that can be sold are other drinks, packaged foods (candy, chips, gum, cookies, etc,), and ice cream. These will be popular options and don't need to be prepared.

Selling Homemade Crafts

Selling homemade crafts will also make great money. If you enjoy making crafts and want to make money doing something you love than you should consider making beach crafts. First you'll need to pick up items on the beach. Seashells, shark teeth, etc. are good options. Once you've done this, you'll want to drill holes in the items and tie string. You will then have shark tooth necklaces, seashell bracelets, and seashell necklaces that should sell for around $10 a piece. There are virtually no costs whatsoever and it shouldn't take much time which makes it a good money maker.

Selling Your Skills

Your artistic skills will make good money on the beach too. Artists, photographer's, and musicians are some of the people that can earn great money at the Beach. Artists can paint pictures of beach landscapes and sell them. These include beach sunrises/sunsets, wildlife, and the waves. Artists can also sketch pictures of people in exchange for money. Photographer's can take pictures of the wildlife and beach landscapes, similar to artists, and sell them too. People pay good money for beautiful pictures and paintings. Lastly, anyone that can play an instrument or anyone who has a special talent can make great money at the beach. Showing off your talent or music can earn you extra tips.

Finding Valuables

If none of the above interests you, don't feel bad. You can sometimes find valuable items on the beach. By looking in areas where lots of people hang out, you can find valuables including loose change and jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets, earnings, etc.)

A metal detector will help make the process easier and much quicker, meaning more money for you. Check the product below to see one of the best metal detectors. Metal detectors cost money but in the end, you'll save time which means more time to find more valuables which means more money in the long run so purchasing a metal detector is highly recommended.

High Quality Metal Detector For Beginners

Carrying Things Around The Beach

Bringing everything to the beach and carrying it around from customer to customer will be stressful if you don't have a beach cart to help you. Luckily there are large beach carts that will go through the sand easily while carrying a large quantity of items. Overall, a big cart means more things to sell and more money for you. Check out the beach cart below for a great example of one that will hold a lot of things.


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