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How To Find Shares Paying Best Dividends

Updated on May 29, 2012

As an investor, we always want the best return on our money. This involves everything from checking company performance, price of shares and, of course, dividends. It seems that we all want these things from our dividend investments yet we have trouble finding them. So, what is the best way to find the best dividend paying stocks?

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The first place to start is with a stock screener. There are many available online for free that will help you search for the specific criteria that you are searching for. Depending on the specific outline of the stocks that you are searching for you can find some dividends paying stocks that have been truly undervalued.

When you consider all of the different types of dividend shares that you can find using a stock screen how do you narrow down your choices for the best dividend stock?

1. Yield:

The yield of a dividend stock is a forecast of what you can expect the next year’s dividend to be if the company keeps going to its current rate or higher. The larger the dividend yields the higher risk in the company. The idea is to find a middle ground between risk and a regular payout in the dividend stock. Many investors are currently investing in dividend income because many other locations for investor’s money are quite low. Considering most leading banks have savings accounts at 1%, a dividend yield a few percentage points higher is attractive.

2. Company Profile:

While, searching for dividend stocks you come across a few that look promising they have a respectable yield and pay pretty well. So, what is the next step? The next step is to look at the company profile. The larger the company and the more years in business that the company has been in, is a first indication of a good stock. Also, look at things that could affect the company’s dividend and stock price in the future. Look at the market capitalization the total worth of the company’s shares, the profitability of the company, and a debt to income ratios of the company. This can help you establish whether the companies are going to be around in the next 2 years or more.

3. Investors:

Another good thing to keep a look out for is the amount of other investors that are holding this dividend stock. The number of large institutional member’s holdings in a specific stock can increase the likely hood that they are holding it for the long term and the potential increase in dividends for their own investors. Sometimes following the lead of the leaders is an admirable thing to look at when investing. There are always exceptions, but the majority of the time the institutional holders know pretty well what to expect in that company.

So, finding the best dividend stocks takes a little bit of learning about the companies as well, as a little help from the stock screeners. Take your time invest in the right companies and with a little bit of patience your dreams of having some solid dividend paying stocks will pay off.


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