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Ways to make extra money

Updated on May 30, 2014

Tax Free Money On The Side

Hello, and thank you for reading my hub on making money. I have done a lot of research on this subject, and have came to the conclusion, there are many easy ways for making tax free money. So sit back and have a cup of coffee, and enjoy reading my making money ideas.

Lets face it, money is getting tight these days, prices are going up, but our wages are not. Sometimes we need just a little extra income to get us to our next paycheck, or to get a bill paid on time. The best thing about these money making ideas and methods are most of them are tax free. Tax free money is awesome because that means more money in our pocket and less in the pocket of " The Man ".

So enjoy reading my hub, and I hope you learn something along the way that might help you earn more tax free money.

Tax Free Money Catch Phrase

Get up with a positive attitude. Greet the day with a smile and a hand shake and meet the challenge. Attitude can get you want in your life, if you want negative things to happen in your life, then have that negative attitude, but if you want good things to happen then a positive attitude is a must. "Can do" must be your catch phrase.

10 Ways For Making Money

1. LAWN CARE BUSINESS- This by far is one of the easiest ways to make tax free money. Advertise of Craigslist, put up flyer's, tell your friends and family your open for business. Charge fair prices and do a good job, and word of mouth will spread like wild fire. Very lucrative, very easy, and very satisfying.

2. SCRAP METAL FOR PROFIT - This is a simple way to make tax free money since scrap metal is at an all time high. Locate where your local scrap yard is, collect metal around your home, around your neighborhood, find metal on Craigslist free section, advertise that you will pick up others junk metal for free. Awesome money maker and easy to do.

I guess your thinking to yourself by now, this might not be half bad of an idea. You can make extra money and help the environment out along the way. Not a bad deal is it? Now that you decided this is something you want to do, you need to know where to find it. Below is a list of places you can find scrap metal.

3. HAVE A YARD SALE- This will make tax free money quickly, just collect items around your home you do not need or want anymore. Put up yard sale signs on your street and wait for the money to come rolling in.

In order to have a successful yard sale is really easy, and fun to do. In this hub I will explain things that you need to know and do to make the yard sale successful and run smoothly. A yard sale frees up space in your home or garage and it puts a little extra money in your pocket for shopping or paying bills. I personally like the shopping, more than paying the bills. So lets get started, below you will find the information you need to know to have a successful yard sale.

4. OFFER TO CLEAN HOMES- If you have an eye for detail, and are good at cleaning your own home, then why not make tax free money for cleaning homes. Advertise on Craigslist or put an ad in the paper. You will have a waiting list a mile long in no time if you do good work and have good prices.

5. BABY SIT KIDS AND MAKE TAX FREE MONEY- If you love children, then this will work for you. With the cost of daycare and baby sitters these days, just underbid the competition and you will be making a fortune in no time. Being patient and good with children is required. Everyone loves children so why not make some tax free money babysitting them.

6. PET CARE SERVICES WILL YIELD TAX FREE MONEY- If you love pets and have family, friends, or neighbors out of town that have pets, then this is for you. Easy to do, just feed, water, and walk them, plus any other request the owner may have you do. Very lucrative and in high demand. People love their pets and you can make tax free money for taking care of them.

7. PAINT HOUSES- You can make descent tax free money at this and it is in high demand. No one likes to paint and would be happy to pay you, if you charge a fair price and are good at what you do. Put ads in the paper, Craigslist, and tell your friends and family you paint for extra money. The phone will start ringing almost instantly, and you will be rolling in it once again.

8. BECOME A PART TIME HANDYMAN- Everyone needs some help around the home from time to time and would love to hire someone like you with the know how. Put ads on Craigslist, hand out flyer's, tell everyone you know, you would be happy to help them out around the home. Charge a modest wage and do good work. Be respectful and prompt, and they will be lining up at your front door to pay you tax free money.

9. MOVING SERVICE- If you have a truck then you can start a small moving service. Not everyone has a truck and would love to hire you to help them move. Charge a fair price and don't break anything and you will get word of mouth advertising. Place and ad on Craigslist and your local paper, then wait for the phone to ring. It won't take long.

10. START A TAXI SERVICE- If you enjoy driving and meeting interesting people, one of the best ways to make tax free money is to start a taxi service in your area. Charge a fair price and be a safe driver, and you will have repeat business.


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    • profile image

      mike 2 years ago

      I like the information on working the side jobs maybe i start doing them

    • kaiyan717 profile image

      kaiyan717 5 years ago from West Virginia

      IRS says we must claim all money made, period. I do many side jobs and claim it on my taxes, if you get audited you may get yourself in some big trouble. Love the ideas though.

    • Ronwan profile image

      Ronwan 5 years ago from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

      PRoblems with these things nowadays is that people ask ridiculous low rates for their efforts. For example, overhere in the Netherlands people offer themselves to clean your house for just 8 euro/hour. That is really low !!

    • profile image

      Beth 5 years ago

      Good article but I would advise against advertising a business of your own if you do not have a business license. I live in Las Vegas and I know of a few stories that made the news where police busted people on craigslist trying to earn some extra money by offering services for cash. One in particular was to "move" someone from one home to another for a small fee. A little bit of extra money for the day is not worth going to jail over! I wouldn't recommend it!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

      Hi, great ideas! I do the scrap metal all the time, and we have a shop near us that takes in scrap gold and silver so that's a bonus too, nell