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How To Make Money From Covid-19

Updated on May 3, 2020
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A natural cure researcher and practitioner. Have used Marijuana, Garlic, Ginger to cure many ailments.

Making Money
Making Money


Good day my fellow entrepreneurs. People who become rich and generate continues income for themselves are those who are always finding unique ways of building an income for themselves. At this present moment, May 5, 2020. The world is going through a Pandemic caused by the Corona Virus, aka Covid-19. Many people have lost income due to governments across the Globe stay at home order. This stay at home order has lasted weeks and months in many countries, causing people who live by day to day income to loose money and unable to feed themselves and family. But let me tell you my fellow wealth and income seeker, all hope is not lost as you can find ways to make money in the current Corona Virus crisis. Let me get straight to the point with this.

1. Make and Sell Mask

It is said that mask limits the spread of the Corona Visus as people who caugh and sneeze will do so in the mask and not let it spread to the general population. But many mask have become scarce and some people have begun to create their own. You can simple make many variety of these mask and sell to the public. Be creative in this area. Some peopl may need customized mask. You can charge different money for these mask and make a good income from the sales. Hurry and join the hundreds who are making a killing from selling mask in the covid 19 pandemic.

2. Setup a Sanitation Stand

When people begin to move around, they will still need to maintain good hand and face sanitization. You can setup a sanitization stand near beaches and parks and allow people to wash their hands with soap and water. You can have wipes and hand sanitizers available and charge per squirt and per wipe. People are doing this all over the world and making good income from keeping everyone Corona Virus free.

3.Start A Pickup Service

It is believed that people who are 65 and older stay home as they are at a greater risk of contracting the disease. You can help out this age group as well as people with underlining issues by providing a pickup service for them. You can purchase their groceries, medication, pet supplies and anything which may involve them leaving their homes and deliver to them for a cost. This is not a new kind of business, but there is much greater demand now for this kind of service than ever before.

Make money with Covid
Make money with Covid

4. Learn Phlebotomy

That's right, go learn to draw blood and get certified. Phlebotomist will be needed more than ever as new Corona virus testing methods may arise where test are done by drawing samples of blood from the potential infected. Globally, billions of people will be tested for Covid infection. This has to be carried out as quickly as possible. The sooner you get certified as a Phlebotomist, the sooner you start making money.

5. Dog Walking Service

many people are still unable to or probably just afraid to go out in public. You can offer a dog walking service for those who choose to stay home and for the elderly. Pets still will need care during the Corona Virus outbreak. This is a great time to make money from these stay at home suggestion that the governments have implemented.

6. Do Online Nutrition Courses

Yes, nutrition plays a vital part in fighting Covid-19. You can setup a podcast and lecture on the vegetables and fruits that will boost and help to repair your immune system to fight Corona Virus if you ever get infected. You can put this valuable information in ebooks and sell on your website and make money in the Covid-19 Pandemic.

You Can do More

You can come up with many other ways to make money in this covid 19 pandemic. Just take a look at the new service demands around you and then provide that service. But remember, whatever you decide on doing, always ensure that the safety of your health comes first. Protect yourself with sanitizes, gloves and anything deemed sensible to protect yourself from being infected.

© 2020 Clive Williams


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