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How To Make Money On Sponsored Tweets

Updated on June 19, 2013

How To Make Money On Sponsored Tweets Easily

For those who want to make some extra money by just tweeting, here's a good news. lets tweeters endorse ads on their tweeter profile and make money.

What do you need to have a sponsored tweets account. Below are few points you need to follow:

1. Twitter Account
A new Twitter account is more likely to keep advertisers at bay. Advertisers would like your Twitter account to be at least 60 days old.

Well, not a good news for new tweeples, but that’s the way how advertisers police spammers and low value tweeters. I suggest you to post some useful tweets, increase your followers and keep interacting with your followers regularly till your twitter account grows a bit old.

2. Have a Complete Twitter Profile
If you are already a twitter user you must be knowing most of the features Twitter offers. But some of us ignore the very basic things that sponsored tweets or advertisers keep an eye on. You can't just have a twitter account, you need to fill in the bio, upload a photo, enter other details and don't forget to have a customised background. A good looking profile does attract followers.

3. Enable ClickWatch
ClickWatch is a program within Sponsored Tweets, which helps advertisers monitor ad performance. When a Tweeter enables ClickWatch, the system checks the click performance of that tweet after 48 hours. If you enable Clickwatch, and say the click rate on your ad is below par, then the system posts another tweet on your profile. This happens three times and only with your permission. This one is to keep advertisers happy.

4. Maintain a Good Followers to Following Ratio
Now that you have a complete Twitter profile, lets move to what sponsored tweets does with the information it gathers from your Twitter account. ST presents information gathered from your Twitter profile to advertisers - one of them is the Ratio i.e, the number of people you follow vs. the number of people following you. A Ratio of 1 means no. of followers = following. So make sure you follow less people, compared to the no. of people following you.

Never try to inflate you follower base using auto follow tools. It may not be monitored by ST, but it would neither help you earn money as you need genuine followers who would click on your ads.

5. Sign Up for a Klout Account is a website that measures your influence on your social network. Klout score is calculated based on the following:

True Reach: How many people are influenced with your tweets.
Amplification: How much you influence them.
Network Impact: The influence of the whole network.

The Klout score ranges from 1-100, higher the better. It's good to have a Klout score, as advertisers refer this score before sending any offers. Your Klout score is displayed as zero on Sponsored Tweets if you are not registered with Klout. It takes just 2-4 mins to signup, so do it now.

6. Have followers from your niche
It's very important to have followers from your own niche and not just anybody. To have 5000 followers from different niche is good but not enough if you don't have common interests. So its better to have 1000 followers from your own area of expertise. That way you can share information with your followers and start building a good Twitter relationship with them. Once they start trusting your knowledge, they would be more interested in your endorsements. If people start liking your tweets, they’re more likely to click on your Sponsored Tweets. Sometimes just to appreciate your contribution.

You can earn lots of money if you use this medium wisely. For instance, Kim Kardashian charges $10,000 per tweet on her twitter profile.


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    • greeneryday profile image

      greeneryday 5 years ago from Some tropical country

      This is new to me, the first time I ever heard that we could actually make money from sponsor tweet, thank you, I've learned something new today, keep on writing please.