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How To Make Money With Your Body

Updated on March 12, 2019
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.


Making money is always the order of they day. It is why billions of people get up each morning, board the bus, train, plane or get stuck in traffic in their car. People are employed in various sectors of the industry and some making good money while others are barely making ends meet. But what if you could use your own body to make money? What if you could pocket a few thousand dollars monthly doing easy things with your body to make you some cash? Wouldn't you not rush to the opportunity? Well, stick around and lets get started filling your bank account with cash!

1. Become a Sperm Donor

Who is a donor? Well a sperm donor is a man who donates his sperm for use in artificial insemination. If this isn't a dream job I simply do not know what is. If you are an active and healthy sperm donor, you can paid thousands of dollars monthly to contribute healthy swimmers in tubes. The healthier you are, the more you will get paid. Remember, before you sign up as a sperm donor, your body must me free from toxins and drugs. No traces of alcohol, weed or any other drug should be found in your blood sample as a donor. Drink plenty of water to increase your sperm count and then go cash in at the sperm bank.

2. Become a Surrogate Mother

In my view, a woman who decided to make money with her body by becoming a surrogate mother must be well compensated. A surrogate mother is a woman who bears a child on behalf of another woman, either from her own egg fertilized by the other woman's partner, or from the implantation in her uterus of a fertilized egg from the other woman. This way of making money may not be as easy as it seems, because sometimes a woman body changes during pregnancy and her hormone goes haywire. But aside from that, the surrogate mothers are well paid and all expenses such as doctor appointments are normally coordinated and paid for by the woman who will receive the baby at the end of gestation.

3. Do Life Modeling

This type of work is nothing new. People have been doing life modeling for centuries and have been collecting pennies. But now the game has changed big time. You can do life modeling for a very nice income. Normal hours for doing this kind of work is between 1-3 hours. So let is do a bit of math to see how much a nude model can get paid to sit for about 3-4 hours for an art creation. A class of 10 artist will have to each pay that model the hourly rate which is about 20-30 dollars. The more experienced and well known you are as a model, the higher you get paid for your hourly rate.

Make Money
Make Money

4. Grow and Sell Your Hair

If you have nice hair, beautiful hair, dandruff free hair, you can make money from it. Many people have been making money selling their own hair. Hair will fetch different prices based upon a few factors such as type and race. Some hair are much more sought after than others which makes these hair much more costley. So if you have full nice spanish hair, especially brazilian, it can fetch a very nice price out there. Your probably don't even have to sell your own hair. Just convince your female pals that short hair fits them best and collect their cut hair and flash it all the way to the bank.

5. Become A Medicine Tester

This job is probably for the more desperate of us who simply can't see a way out and decide they will become the illuminati's guinea pigs. Medical trials are when scientist have developed new drugs and need to test the side effects of taking these drugs. In Order for them to know the true side effects, they need real people to test it on. When you do medical trials, you will have to sign a "I DIE AT MY OWN RISK" form. That way no lawsuit will reach the company if you should kick the bucket. There re several stages to medical testing, which each stage paying you a bit more until your lungs pass out. (just kidding) You get good money as medical tester though, and that money depends also on what which disease they are testing.

Start Making Money Now

You don't have to wait. If you want to make money now, you can do any of these five legitimate money making jobs and have a little comfort knowing that you have another additional income.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2019 Clive Williams


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