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How To Make & Print Your Own Personalised T Shirts For Yourself With Iron On Transfer Paper

Updated on February 4, 2012

 A great way to express yourself is by making your own T shirts it is also a great way to start your first online business. With ebay at our finger tips we can make money from home making personalised t shirts. There is very little investment needed to start your own T shirt making business and even less if you just want to make them for yourself or for the kids. You can make T shirts from the comfort of your own home with items you already have. All you need is a couple of items and your ready to go. With the low start up capital, profits can be 1000%+ of the cost of making each item. This makes it a very savy first business and one that anyone can start. Here's how you can make you own t shirts today.

 Iron on t shirt transfers is the first technique to be making your own personalised T shirts. This simple method doesn't require loads of room and also is a very clean way of making your own t shirts. You can make your own T shirts for under $2 with this method with a potential sale value of $20. Iron on transfers can be applied to cotton so they are not limited to t shirts. They can also be applied to china/porcelaine but this method requires a little more start up capital but it can be an area where you can progress and build your business further.

What you'll need:

Household Iron,


Inkjet Printer ( most common type of household printer )

Iron On T Shirt transfer Paper

And of course a blank T shirt.

There a 2 main types of iron t shirt transfer paper and they are. For light colour fabrics and dark colour fabrics. You want to stick with light colour fabrics to begin with as these give a better quality finish.


How to make a t shirt using iron on transfers


Right so you have got all the items you need to make an iron transfer. Here is how you make your T shirt.

Find a suitable picture for your t shirt and load it on to your computer. This will display in windows. Before you click the print button make sure your printer is turned on, Head in to your printer settings on your computer and you'll want the make these adjustments. You need to change your printer settings to make the image print mirrored. This setting should be very easy to find you may be given the option after you click the print button on your image. You'll also want to select the size of the picture now some printers give limited option in the sizes they'll print but the most common sized used is A5 which means you'll get 2 images per A4 sheet of paper. Once you have made these settings stick a normal piece of paper in your printer and print. This is to make sure your image comes out the correct size and also mirrored. If all ok insert your iron on transfer paper into your printer and hit the print button. You'll now have your image printed on to the iron transfer paper.

Cut around your image leaving around a centemeter around the entire image. Turn your iron make sure the steam is turned off and make sure it is on its hottest setting. Let is reach its maximum tempreature and then apply the image to your t shirt in its desired location. Apply heat to the transfers for approximately 20seconds but you will have to experiment with different times depending on your iron. Remove the transfer immediately after applying heat and you will have your new personalised t shirt.

Now these are great fun to do and a great way to make cheap personalised clothing with their favourite cartoon characters on them.


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