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How To Quickly Find Out Your 2011 Tax Refund Status

Updated on July 14, 2011

Getting your tax refund every year is one of the most exciting things that you can experience.  After your year of hard work, a reward like this is always well earned.  There are a few different options that you can use to check the status of your refund.  You will need to gather your information together, and have it on hand.  You will need a copy of your social security number or TIN number, and your filing status, married, single, married filing separate, etc.  You should also have a copy of your federal and state tax refunds as filed.

Tax Refund Status
Tax Refund Status

With your information on hand, call the IRS Hot-line for Tax Refunds. That number is 800.829.1954. Another number you can call for information is the IRS’ TeleTax System number. You can reach them by calling 800.829.4477. You can also check online.

Just visit IRS.Gov, to find out how to reach the page that you can use to check on everything. Just punch in your information and you will find out if your refund is still “processing,” and how much longer it will take. When you visit IRS.Gov, you will find tons of tools that you can use to get all the information you need regarding your 2011 tax return.

Things are changing so much these days as well. There is even an IRS Smartphone application that you can use to file taxes, and retrieve information about your refund. Many people are taking advantage of these products in 2011.

Knowing your refund status is one of the main reasons why e-filing is the best option for many taxpayers. When you file your return on paper, the old fashioned way, your refund status probably won’t be available to you for about one month after you have filed. This can be quite a tedious and frustrating wait, when you are counting on that money to pay a bill, or to buy something that you’ve wanted for a long time. When you e-file, you can find out your refund status within a few days. And you can find out the direct deposit date, or mailing date of your refund, so that you can quickly and easily make your financial plans.

Did you Check the Status of Your Return?

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