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How To Retrieve A Free Credit Report

Updated on September 27, 2013


The importance of accessing and understanding your credit report cannot be underestimated. In the current economic status and the ever changing business world, it is important to access and understand your credit report. Inaccurate and old credit reports often mislead you with regard to the health of your finances. There are times when you may need a new credit card or to apply or a new loan, in such cases understanding your credit report is paramount. Many people fail to understand the need for the financial report, otherwise known as the credit report. Not only does this report give you a clear picture of the finances of your family and yourself, but also an insight into your lending ability in case of emergency. It is also important to note that sometimes such credit reports cost much more than the average consumer can afford. The cost of credit reports is quite deterring for the consumers and often discourages many people room accessing the same. Many people often ask how they can access their annual and updated credit reports for a lower price or even for free. There are simple steps that you can take to ensure that you get the updated version of your annual credit report for no cost at all. You do not need to pay excessively, or get hassled out of your hard earned money (however little) in order to receive your annual credit report. Companies and government contracted institutions have been granted the mandate of ensuring you can get this report for free.

check my credit score
check my credit score


The first and most effective way to get your free credit report is to contact the major credit reporting agencies. There are three reporting agencies in the United States of America, and these are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. These companies have proven themselves in the credit report field and have therefore been granted the mandate to ensure that consumers receive updated versions of their credit reports annually. The companies are required to provide each and every consumer with a free credit report once a year. Many Americans are not aware of this fact and often continue spending in ignorance. The reports are specialized and professionally prepared with the expertise required of such reports. However, the companies do not just send the reports to anyone. To save on costs, the company only contacts individuals who have requested to receive the credit reports. If you have been wondering why you haven’t received the free credit report which you are entitled to, it is probably because you have not requested the companies or registered with either of the companies to receive any. Registering with the companies is as simple as a phone call or accessing a brochure of the credit report companies. Ill in your mail and contact details and ensure that the same is sent to the companies. Once this has been done, you should be able to receive your annual credit report within a short while. You do not have to register again for the same report; reports will automatically be sent to you annually unless you change your address.

Online companies often advertise free credit reports. However, the authenticity and dependability of such reports should be considered with care. There are some genuine companies that actually offer the updated version of your credit report as an incentive to request for further services from such a company. The most reliable of the online companies is Annual Credit , a site sponsored by the three top credit companies. The site once again reflects the free annual report which you can either access online or it can be sent to you once you have registered. It is important to note that once you have accessed the report the first time, when you log into the site next you will only be able to view the same report, with no updates. The updates can only be viewed once a year. Additionally, there are sites that offer free reports to new clients who register to receive the services. However, again it is important to remember that many of these sites have a recurring charge after the first thirty days. In order to avoid such a cost, it is advisable to unsubscribe once you have received your first report. Apart from the government authorized site, there are no other sites that are completely free. Take the time to do a comprehensive research into the sites that you are registering to ensure that you will not be charged to receive necessary information in your credit report.


Each citizen is entitled to a free credit report every year, and this is the easiest way to ensure that you can gauge your credibility. Although the online companies could offer credit reports, you must ensure that at no one time are you tempted by the incentives offered in the sites which could end up costing you quite some amount of money. In addition, the information required in these sites is often very sensitive, and could end up being misused. It is therefore important to understand the credibility and reliability of the online companies offering the free reports before putting your information in the websites where it can be accessed by unscrupulous individuals.


The importance of a credit report cannot be denied, it ensures that you understand your own credit health and the steps you can take to ensure you either maintain it or improve it. The credit report shows you the severity of any outstanding loans and mortgages and how much they are costing you in terms of income generation and credit health. Errors in the credit report could be an indication of identity theft, where unscrupulous individuals take advantage of misplaced social security cards and other vital information to apply for credit and credit cards, which they can run high at your cost. Once you have noticed such errors, it is important to report the matter to the police and other government investigators. Getting and accessing a free credit report annually is your right.


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