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How To Save Money And Keep Your Quality Of Life

Updated on February 25, 2015

Keeping A Budget As A Family

We all know how hard it can be to keep a budget, let alone save money when we have families, especially big ones. A lot of times when we do try to save money, we end up unhappy and not living the way we used to. How can you keep your quality of life yet cut expenses? There are some ways to do so, and no I'm not talking about couponing!


Tips and Tricks To Cut Your Budget

Living as a family can be hard financially and we all want to have the best of everything. Luckily we have so much technology these days that we can get rid of one thing and replace it with another while saving some money.

1.) Cancel Cable: Get Netflix or Amazon Video Instead (These cheap alternatives have thousands of TV shows and movies that will keep you just as satisfied as cable) This saves A LOT of money. Netflix costs as low as 8 dollars a month compared to cable that ends up close to 80-100 dollars!

2.) Stop going out to eat, or do it less. This is a hard one for many families. I love going out to eat and even ordering food for delivery. It saves a lot of money when you do it and buying food we don't need adds up fast without us noticing. Yet, we can still be happy!

3.) Sign up for a finance budget, or budget tracker. It is easy to see how much money we are blowing when it is right up in our face. My favorite is, it shows all your debt, balances, loans, and every transaction you make. It even allows you to set goals and stay within budgets by month.

4.) Stop using credit cards as much. Credit cards rack up interest, and as bad enough as it is that we have to pay them off, putting more interest and debt on there does not help us save money.

5.) Shop Smart! "Do you need it, Do you like it, or Do you HAVE to have it?" Those questions are the best things to ask yourself before you buy something. Try to stick to things you absolutely need, and every now and then it is nice to have something we just have to get! Keeping our expenses in moderation is important.

Watching What We Spend

Most of us look at our bank statements, but are we truly watching what we spend on a daily or even weekly basis? Most of us just make sure nobody is stealing from our accounts. Things like fast food, shopping, and having bills we could live without are common reasons we can't cut our budget. Couponing is always a nice thing but we usually end up with tons of things we don't need and can't save on what we actually need, and the amount of work involved is ridiculous. Keep track of your finances and your budget is a lot easier to cut! Making goals for yourself financially is especially important.


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