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How To Save Money On Summer Cooling Bills

Updated on June 1, 2009

With summer approaching many of us will be testing out our air conditioners preparing for the summer heat wave. However, some of us will not be using our air conditioners as often as what we did in previous years because of the electric bill rate hikes. I know that when we do that many of us will be concerned with how to keep all that extra heat out of our homes. Here are some simple methods that I use to cool my home without the use of the air conditioner.

The first thing that I do often to help keep the heat out of my home during the summer months without air conditioning is to put my curtains and shades up. Now I leave them open when the sun is not on that side of the home and when the sun is lower in the sky for the morning before the sun really starts heating everything up I will leave those curtains up for the added light so I do not have to put additional artificial heat in by using lights. Now some people will say that with the curtains closed you will be losing some of your air flow which is true, but in my opinion it is a lot better to block out most of the sun's rays which will heat up your room more than blocking out the air does in my experience.

The second thing that you can do to help keep the heat out of your home during the summer months is to ensure that your doors and windows are properly sealed and insulated. I know that this might cost some additional money because you might have to purchase some insulating material to help keep the windows and doors tight enough so as to keep the cool air in you will find that your money savings from this expenditure will probably far outdistance the amount of money that you spent. So this is another way to keep your home cool during the summer months without using the air conditioner and this method will also carry over by helping you keep your home warm during the summer months.

While some people will want to save money this summer without having to use their air conditioners during the summer months I know that these simple methods work out fairly well. I know that the second method does require some time and effort on your part, but the first method does pretty well at maintaining my temperature at a reasonable level in my home.


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