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Save Money When Eating Out

Updated on August 31, 2016

I try to save money when eating out here in Southern California, but you can also use these tips if you have some of the same restaurants in your area. Granted eating at home is the best way to stay on budget, but if you at out for lunch and dinner a few times per week, there are ways to spend less. So the next time the cashier asks you about ordering the larger meal, often it is best to say no. If you are splitting the meal with a friend getting the larger size makes sense, but if you are eating the meal alone it is best to get the small size that is a more realistic portion and less money. Personally I do not eat at places like McDonald's or Burger King if Del Taco is near by, but keep in mind I am not much of a burger person. I absolutely love Del Taco because the prices are cheap and there are options on the menu for vegetarians and semi-vegetarians. Meat lovers will also be happy with Del Taco because you can order burgers and beef tacos, so there is a little bit of something for everyone. Also, when I order pizza I like to order it online from Dominos because the quality has improved over the years, and the prices can be more affordable when you look on the website to figure out the best deals. Also, having a coupon is another great way to save money when eating out. So the next time your eat out or order pizza, you might want to keep some of these money saving tips in mind.

Ordering Pizza

My sister likes to order pizza more than I do because to be quite frank I find it too expensive. However, since she is paying this is up to her, and in exchange I pay extra utilities once a month or so when we order pizza. Papa Johns is our favorite pizza place because they tend to deliver fresh and yummy pizza. However, you need to be careful when ordering pizza because sometimes you can end up paying more for less food.

One time my sister decided to order herself a pizza and a couple of snack treats, and this ended up being about forty dollars. I told her this seemed way too high.  When I looked at the website and discovered you can buy an extra large pizza for around fifteen to seventeen dollars, and the second pizza is usually half price. This way you can get two extra larger pizzas and a soda for around thirty dollars, which is still on the expensive side, but this is a much better deal than when you buy just one pizza and some extras. So the next time you order pizza I suggest ordering online so you can see what you are paying for. Overall I think it is cheaper to buy a frozen pizza or to make one from scratch, but since my sister is paying I decided I will just help her find the better deal.

Save money when eating out in Southern California.
Save money when eating out in Southern California.

Del Taco Is Yummy!

Ever since I was young I remember going down the mountain with my mom and sisters on days when we went shopping or to doctor's appointments in the city. Our mom took us to Del Taco because they serve vegetarian friendly items, unlike some of the more popular burger places. If you have never been the the Southern California area to try Del Taco I must say they are the best fast food places in the area. Baker's is also another favorite fast food place that include vegetarian items, but I would recommend Del Taco over Baker's as my personal favorite. I always love to order the green burrito, and who can beat this because it is only ninety-nine cents! Right now Del Taco is having a meal deal where you can get either a meat burrito or veggie burrito with a taco and a drink for around three dollars. Today after work I stopped by Del Taco because it is cheaper than Starbucks, and I actually can fill up on this food. Beans are healthy and filling, but I also love the chicken soft taco.

Del Taco first started as a small restaurant in Yermo, California and eventually expanded to have chains in Barstow, and later in San Bernardino and the rest of the Inland Empire.  Now Del Taco has many chains in Southern California, Arizon, Nevada, and a couple of other states. When I used to live in Barstow I frequently went to one one the original Del Taco restaurants that is known for making especially good green burritos and tacos. Nevertheless, each Del Taco does a good job all around, but some are just more nostalgic to me than others because I grew up going to certain chains. Back in college we used to have Del Taco runs, which means we would go there around midnight when we wanted a study break. Del Taco's ninety-nine cent menu is more appealing to me than the burger places, but as I said they actually have burgers and fries for those who prefer that type of thing. Oh do not get me started on their fries, which are large, wedged, and highly addicting. So the next time you want to save money when eating out I would suggest trying Del Taco. Those on the east coast have probably not heard of Del Taco, but I hear there is talk of expanding the chain. With the economy the way it is right now I am not sure that will happen, but in the future it is something to look forward too.  If you are outside the US you probably will have no clue what I am talking about when I mention Del Taco, but I will say I think you might like it more than McDonald's.  However, maybe I can say that because I like Del Taco so much.

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