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How To Save Money In A Piggy Bank Or Money Box

Updated on May 5, 2013

A piggy bank or a money box is a great way to save money. Although people associate piggy banks with children, they can still be used very effectively by adults. A piggy bank is a great tool when it comes to storing away a little extra cash. We will now look at a how a simple piggy bank or money box can help to save you money.

If you are unsure exactly what a piggy bank is, it’s basically a small ornament with a slot in the top. The idea is that you deposit change into the bank and start to save money. Some piggy banks have no way of getting the money out, so you have to actually smash the ornament open to access the money. There are many different designs of piggy bank or money box and you can just find one that you like and that suits your needs.

Look After Those Pennies

Save The Pennies

When I was growing up I was often told, ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves’. This is where a piggy bank or money box really comes into it’s own. Just put a little change away every now and again, this will soon start to mount up. Some people do just save loose change whereas others put larger amounts into their piggy bank. When it comes to empting the piggy bank there can often be a good sum of money that has accumulated.

Saving money is often seen as a chore by many people. But a piggy bank is a visual reminder that can help you to save money and it can also be good fun. You may decide to empty your piggy bank at the end of each month, or maybe a year, or maybe even longer. If you have a design of piggy bank where you can’t see how much is in there then it can be a really pleasant surprise when you open it up and find more than you were expecting.

Classic Piggy Banks

Piggy banks have been around for many years now. As mentioned some of the classic ones are still seen as the best. The classic piggy bank tends to be around the size of small football, be made from pot and be a pig. You often find that with classic piggy banks you can not get the money out, there is a simple slot on top for inserting the money, but to get the money out you must smash it open. These are great if you are saving for a long term goal, however, if it is a short term saving you want then this is not great as you are going to be smashing your pigs up way to often.

A happy medium then is a classic looking bank that has a simple rubber stopper on the underside. This of course means you can get your money out whenever you want. The down side to this of course is that it is easy to dip into your savings whenever you have the urge, not something that is recommended as you are trying to save and not spend. Often you see classic pigs with a modern twist, maybe a colorful pattern or some other design that makes the piggy bank that little bit more unique. If you do go for a classic design though you or your child should really find it helps encourage your saving.

My Own Money Saving Idea

More Modern Money Boxes

If a classic design is not for you then there are a whole host of modern ideas you can use. These range from clever money boxes to simply a jug. As you can see from the picture I have saved my pennies in a large brandy bottle that I was given about fifteen years ago. I would say I’m about three quarters the way to filling it and there is a substantial amount of money in there, I can barely lift the thing! This is a great idea for saving money, it just sits there behind the TV and whenever I have spare coppers, in they go. You can pick things like this up from garage sales, online or even in a bar if you are lucky. Alternatively you can simply use an old mug to keep your change in.

If you want something a little bit more sophisticated then there are lots of money boxes available online. These range massively in size and shape and there really is something for everyone. I have had a small plastic safe for along time, this is great as it has a combination on the front that only I know. It something that I have kept since I was a kid and still use to this day. Other designs include money boxes that actually count your change for you, ones that work as a puzzles or you could even buy a gumball machines, so when you or your child puts money in, they are rewarded with something. There are so many great ideas out there and chances are you are sure to find something that will work for you or your child.

Help Children To Save

If you want to help children learn to save money this is a great tool. Instilling the value of saving money in our children is also a very important part of bringing them up. Giving a child a fun piggy bank or money box will encourage them to save money. The values you instil in your children at a young age will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

When you are buying a piggy bank for a child it is good to let them pick which one they want. Get them involved in the whole saving process and make it something they enjoy doing. There are many piggy banks available ranging from the classical designs to more modern ones. You can buy ones that hide the money away or ones that show you how much you have saved. Some sort coins and notes out for you and some even have a digital display which tells you how much they contain. Select a piggy bank that appeals to the child and this will help them to save money.

How Do You Save?

What Method Do You Use

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Get Saving

When it comes to what to put into your piggy bank, this is totally up to you. Be it pennies or pounds just saving that little bit extra will have it‘s rewards. My parents actually make a habit of going for walks, whenever they see some change on the floor, they pick it up. They then have a jug they put it in. At the end of the year they take out all the money they have found and buy something they want. Last year they had found enough change to go out for a meal at the end of the year. Having a goal to work towards or something to look forward to can really help encourage you to save money.

With the economy being like it is, people are looking to save money in any way they can. Using a piggy bank or money box to save money is a great way to save a little extra cash. As long as you have the right attitude and are patient you will soon see those pennies that you collect, start to mount up into pounds. Many people take saving for granted and are not very good at it, getting a good start when you are young will help you learn to save throughout the rest of your adult life.


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    • Happymommy2520 profile image

      Amy 14 months ago from East Coast

      Very clever hub. We always cash ours out when it's time to go on vacation. We use it for spending money. Happy saving!

    • profile image

      Steven 22 months ago

      Interesting article, I have this humongous size coin can filled with both my coins & those found tossed on the streets; and every week I do the 20-40-40 challenge. Week1 I put $20, week2 I place $40, week3 I place another $40 = $100. Tadah!!!

    • profile image

      chantia 3 years ago

      this a very good sample of how to save money

    • profile image

      peace 4 years ago

      Very good saving method no charges .what you put is what you get

    • devsir profile image

      devsir 7 years ago from Earth

      nice one

    • Pixienot profile image

      Pixienot 7 years ago from Clarksville, Indiana

      This gives me a reason to look down when I walk. At least on occasion. Well written.

      Thank you.