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How To Save Money by Using Tea for Everyday House Cleaning and Other Ailments

Updated on April 26, 2013

Use A Tea Bag and Pocket Your Change

Almost daily we are faced with little expenses that can add up fast. The carpet needs cleaning, the tools are not in good repair or I just nicked my leg with a razor. It's not fun especially if you feel like you are nickeled-and-dimed. Tea is nature's solution to heal many of the household annoyances that you may suffer. This hub illustrates a few of them, although there are dozens more. Read on to learn more.


Do not Let Poison Ivy Get You Down?

Common Treatment: Calamine Lotion

Average Cost: $3.75

Less Expensive Option:

Use black tea to dry up the blisters from poison ivy and enjoy your savings.

· Brew a tea bag

· Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes

· Apply it with a cotton tip

· Let it air dry

Total Cost of Tea Solution: 1 tea bag $.08 (based on a 48 count with an average price of $3.84 per box)

Got hard wood floors?

Common treatment: 1 gallon floor cleaner

Average Cost: $19.99

Less Expensive Option

Clean your real hard wood floors with 4 to 7 tea bags. Black tea contains tannic acid and works wonders on hard wood floors. Caution: Do not use on laminate flooring.

· Follow the standard cleaning routine found in the manufacturer’s instructions

· Boil a pot of water

· Add 4 to 7 bags of black tea to pot of water

· Pour mixture into mop bucket

· Evaluate the water – it should be warm – not too cold and not too hot

· Mop the floor by following standard mopping procedure

· Allow the floor to air draw

· Enjoy the shine

Total Cost of Tea Solution: $.32 to $.56 for 4 to 7 black tea bags (based on a 48 count with an average price of $3.84 per box)


Got a Razor Cut?

Common treatment: Neosporin

Average cost: $7.86 for a 1 oz. Tube

Less Expensive Tea Option

Use a tea bag to feel better and save money


Apply a wet tea bag to the affected area and start to feel better almost immediately.

Total Cost of Tea Solution: $ .08 1 tea bag (based on a 48 count with an average price of $3.84 per box)

Got Rusty Tools?

Common treatment: Steel wool or sandpaper and WD40

Average Cost: Steel Wool $1.29 per pad and WD40 $5.33 for 12 oz. Aerosol can

Less Expensive Tea Option

Remove the rust and get your tools back in working condition by using black tea.


· Boil 2 to 4 tea black tea bags in a pot

· Remove from heat and allow to chill

· Pour cooled tea into a bucket

· Place rusty tools into a bucket with tea

· Let sit in the bucket up to an hour

· Remove tools

· Wipe clean

Total Cost of Tea Solution: $.16 to $.32 for 2 to 4 black tea bags (based on a 48 count with an average price of $3.84 per box)


Do you have a dirty carpet?

Common treatment: Hire a carpet cleaner or do it yourself.

Average cost: DIY $52.00 (purchase the solution and rent a carpet cleaner if you don’t own one)

Hire a carpet cleaner $89.00 and up (depend # of rooms or sq. Ft.)

Less Expensive Tea Option

Use green tea leaves to clean your carpet. You will love the fresh smell.


· Sprinkle loose green tea leaves on carpet

· Allow it to sit on the carpet for 30 minutes

· Vacuum the loose green tea leaves

Rid Your Room of Odor Bonus Application

· Use green tea leaves to rid your home of the awful smell of mildew.

· Place green tea leaves in a container in the smelly area

· It will begin to absorb the smell within 6 hours

Total Cost of Tea Solution: $9.23 (purchase and use of 12 oz. bag of loose green tea leaves)

Can you think of any other uses for tea?

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    • btrbell profile image

      Randi Benlulu 4 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      Oh my goodness, who knew all these things could be done with tea! Thank you for sharing! Up+

      Also, you can put a steeped teabag on your eye if you hace conjunctivitis or a sty. It will keep the swelling down and relive the soreness!

    • livelifeworryfree profile image

      Princess Clark 4 years ago from The DMV

      You're very welcome @trinitytech. Thanks for stopping by.