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Save Up To 50% Off Your Groceries With eCoupons And Coupons | Plus, Video On How To Get Free Groceries With Coupons

Updated on October 17, 2015

Savings Up To 50% On Grocery. Is It Possible?

Groceries are an essential part of our lives. We all need to eat and keep ourselves well groomed. To do these, we shop for groceries. While more and more people are finding it hard to stretch their hard earned dollar for those needed essentials, there are some out there who are saving big with grocery and manufacturer coupons. How is that possible? How do one get to save up to 50% on grocery or department store purchases?

When it comes to purchasing those needed provisions like food, toiletries and those items that's used for personal hygiene, one option is to buy from dollar stores and flea markets, or maybe even growing some of your own produce. Yes, those are very inexpensive options that could help save money on the long-run. But not everyone have access to some of these options, or even desire to pursue them. Plus, dollar store grocery items are not necessarily an healthy option.

So, how can I use coupons to stretch my dollar power for those needed savings on grocery items, at a savings of up to 50%? Check out this video, and then see how you too, can do it below.

Here's Eye-Popping Savings With Coupons

When To Use Grocery Coupons - Ideas That Could Save You Up To 50% On Groceries

You get the best savings with your grocery coupons when used in conjunction with manufacturers coupons. But most stores prohibits this practice. However, there are still stores out there that will let you combine both the store coupons with the manufacturer coupons.

What you can do is approach the grocery store manager of the store that you frequent and ask if they allow this practice. You never know. If you do get a cold shoulder from the grocery stores or store managers, these are other ways to make your grocery coupons go a long way to saving you that extra buck:

Great Savings Puts More Money In My Pocket
Great Savings Puts More Money In My Pocket | Source

Use the "We'll Match Any Store Price" Claim to Add Extra Savings

As you've seen in the above video, saving up to 50% or more on grocery takes planning and smart shopping. Most grocery stores, including 'Walmart', now offers price match. The "we'll match any store price" deal is when your grocery stores try to compete for each others customers by matching competing store prices. This makes it the consumer's market, and is therefore an opportunity to save big on your groceries every week/month depending on how frequently you shop. But, you'll need to do some leg work.

If you live in my neck of the wood, you probably get these grocery sales ads delivered to your door already. Otherwise, you'll need to find the stores with sales on the items you need.

The goal here is to collect all of their ads for grocery sale items. Once you have the ads, go to your regular grocery store and present these ads for a price matching request. Then present your coupons in addition to the ads. This practice can sometimes get you a savings of up to 50% on your grocery items. It's all about smart shopping, and saving a lot of money.

Smart Couponing
Smart Couponing | Source

Combine Manufacturer's Coupon and Grocery Store Sales/Coupon

It possible to have ongoing sale on certain items at your neighborhood grocery stores and also have manufacturer's coupons on same items. Sometimes, you may even have both the store coupon and the manufacturer's coupon. That is your opportunity to save big and stock up on much needed grocery items.

And, since many stores doubles coupons, sometimes up to .99¢, using a combination of both the manufacturer's coupons and the ongoing sales at the local grocery store can save you a bundle. This is also an opportunity to buy multiples of items you need and use regularly. You may end up saving up to 50% to 75% on your groceries, or maybe even pay close to nothing for each items.

Which Method Works For You?

Which Money Savings Method Have You Found Most Rewarding?

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Use Coupons In Addition To 'Buy One Get One Free' Sales.

Most every store (except for Walmart) offers the 'BOGO' (buy one, get one free) sales. This has proven to be one of the best ways to save on groceries. Buy one get on free sales are usually the only sales that gives you honest, good deal savings. When you combine that with using a coupon, you end up saving big on needed grocery items. And that could mean a savings of up to 50% on your grocery or department store purchases.

Use Grocery Stores eCoupons

A whole lot of your neighborshood grocery stores now offer and accepts eCoupons. eCoupons are coupons that automatically loads into your smartphone after you've downloaded the store eCoupon Apps into your phones. There are several Grocery Shopping Apps out there for all phone types. So, wherther your phone is an android or iPhone, there's an app that will make using coupons as easy as pressing the buttons on your phone.

The use of eCoupons is eliminating the need to clip paper coupons from your Sunday newspaper. eCoupons are easy to use. Just log on to the store site, access the loaded coupons and let the grocery store cashier scan off your phone. You may need to consolidate all coupons from the different stores into one view. It's even better now that most grocery stores, including Wal-mart, participates in coupon swapping.

Buy In Bulk In Addition To Using Coupons

Buying in bulk, especially during store sales, in addition to using coupons can help you save big on your grocery items. I usually do this with the 'buy one, get one free' sale. This sale pretty much give you one item free as long as you're willing to pay for the other. That's already a 50% off savings.

This is an opportunity to stock-up on grocery items that you normally use. Plus, using coupon in this instance, in addition to the sales, gives you even more savings. You may practically go home with groceries that cost you next to nothing.

When Not to Use Grocery Coupons

Remember, your goal as you go shopping is to save up to 50% on your grocery or department store items. You can't do that with those 10 to 20% off coupons. So, before you head out the door, take a look at your coupons and follow the rules below to get the best savings on your needed essentials.

  • If there are coupons in your collection that doesn't give you a savings of at least 20¢ to a dollar, get rid of that coupon. It's not worth your time and energy.
  • If a coupon requires you to buy multiples of an item for a savings of 10% or less on the said items.
  • When coupon savings is in the form a mail-in rebate. These type of savings is not immediate, and may never be honored. Savings that gives you instant gratifications are better at saving you money than those that requires more of your time and money. An exception to this rule is if you are sure you'll get your money back, and it better be worth a saving of up to 50% off that item.

Saving Big with Coupon - Anyone Can Do It!

As shown in the above video, you need to do your homework with careful coupon clipping. Focus more on the ones that give you free offers, and in the ones that gives you at least 50% off on the items you need.

Store savings card can be a bit of a hassle, but they do tend to save you a lot of money. Get the ones that can attach to your keys so you have them with you all the time, and don't forget to get them scanned each time you buy an item from the store. That's the key to accumulating those savings.

It's all about saving a buck or two, here and there. And using your coupons wisely is just one way to do it. Frugal living may tend to be a lot of work, but in the end if it can save you up to 50% or more, then it's all worth it, especially in today's economy!


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Author: Comfort Babatola - © 2013


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