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Starting A Coupon Club

Updated on January 23, 2011

A Coupon Club?

With the economy in shambles, consumers are looking for every way they can to save money. many consumers are going back to coupon clipping as a way to save money on their weekly grocery bill. Coupon clipping can save a family a great deal if the food buyer in the family is willing to become organized and diligent about using coupons.

There are only so many free grocery coupons you can get out of your weekly sunday newspaper coupon insert. So moms and dads alike are looking for creative ways to get ahold of more coupons that their family will be able to put to use.

One such trend that is picking up in neighborhoods is coupon clubs. Communities are coming together to share coupons with each other. It seems a little silly to someone who can't be bothered with using coupons, but to those dedicated to saving their families money, coupon clubs are quickly becoming a fantastic way not only to save money by getting ahold of more of the coupons they use and sharing the ones they don't, but also meeting other people in their local communities.

Start A Coupon Club
Start A Coupon Club

How To Start A Coupon Club

A coupon club needs little more then a place to meet, a bunch of people eager to save money, and bunch of coupons brought in by each member. You may already have a coupon club in your area. You can post on Craigslist asking if anyone knows of such a group, or keep your eye out on the grocery store community poster board. Even your library is a great place to check.

Get A Location

If you can't find one, start one. Ask your local library if you can reserve a meeting room that would be open to everyone that was interested. If your library is unable to provide you with a room check with your chamber of commerce they may be able to lead you somewhere. Even borrowing party room at the local pizza restaurant during the lunch buffet is a good place to start.

Advertise Your Club

The same grocery store bulletin board you check to see if a coupon club was already started, will be the same great place that you can post a flyer informing people of your new Coupon Club. You can also inform people with a post on Craigslist, in your neighborhood newspaper, at the library, at the chamber of commerence, ask local daycares if you can leave a flyer.. Get the word out.

Your Coupon Club Flyer

Let people in your town know where and when your coupon club will be held and that they can come share and collect great coupons to help them save money. Tell them to start collecting coupons wherever they go so that they will have something to share with others. People enjoy contributing as much as receiving back.

Start Clipping Coupons
Start Clipping Coupons

Help Your Coupon Club Get A Starting Boost

Before your Coupon Club meets for the first time, gather as many coupons as you can. Some people will show up with nothing to share the first time. They may have just seen your flyer late and just wanted to check it out.

Have coupons available for everyone. Bring your Sunday Coupon Inserts, tell the local gas stations what your doing and ask if you can get the coupon inserts before they give back or throw away their papers. Go through the supermarkets and grab a bunch of the Blinkie Coupons that are hooked to the isle racks next to the products.

Have a bunch of tables set up. Where people can come and sit down. If you were able to get the coupon inserts from the gas stations, set them out for people to browse through and take what they need.

Consumers can contact companies to send praises and comments and in return many will send back free grocery coupons. This article will help you get started, and you can share the link with the couponers at your new coupon club so that they can do the same thing. Go here to learn more about Free Grocery Coupons

Eventually what you want is everyone who comes to bring the coupons they can't use and set them on the tables, then they can browse through and pick up coupons others have left that they will be able to use.

Get The Local Stores Involved

Many times, you can go to any of your local stores, not just grocery but restaurants, dry cleaners, etc. and ask for coupons for their services. Call them up and let them know that you run your local coupon club and that you were wondering if they would like to offer coupons to the locals in the area. They will already know this but you can inform them what great advertising this would be. targeted local advertising that will get coupons into the hands of people that will actually use them. Local businesses are struggling and this can help improve their own sales as well.


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