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How To Use A Money Saving Technique On Your Own Terms

Updated on October 9, 2017

Your back is against the wall, the rent is due, your bills need to be paid, your wife needs money to go and do food shopping, your kids need money for either clothes or for a school trip, the car needs gas in the tank. These are some of the things that almost everyone has to worry about in life and it all leads to the one big thing. Money. There are some people who have found smart ways to save money, but failed to do so after a while. Here's a money saving technique I've been using to save my money. 

First off, budget what you need  on a monthly basis and break it down weekly or bi-weekly (depends on how you get paid from work). Make sure that you have a least a little cushion after each paycheck. Put aside at least $30 dollars bi-weekly (or weekly. Again, depends on how much you get paid and how often). Check to see if your job offers direct deposit and take advantage immediately. Open a bank account. (both checking and saving) Set it up where that $30 goes into you savings and the rest into your checking. Don't even think about the savings account. Pretend that it doesn't even exist, which is the challenging part. It might be hard the first couple of weeks or months, but you'll get the hang of it and will be accustom to the schedule. It's easier said than done, but it worked for me.

I've started saving early in the year. I didn't pay attention to my savings at all. After 8-10 months and with Christmas on the way, any other time I would have wished that I had some savings that I could use to buy my kids gifts. But thanks to the method I had applied to myself, I was able to use have of the savings to buy everyone gifts. It may not sound much but having a little bit a savings to fall back on is better than not having any savings at all. 


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