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How To Use The Equity/ Paypal Service

Updated on November 24, 2016

Equity/ Paypal Collabo

Paypal services have proven to be the most trustworthy means of receiving and sending payments especially for online users. For the last couple of years Paypal users in Kenya have had a challenge when the need arose to withdraw their funds from Paypal into their pockets. Being a constant Paypal user myself, i remember almost giving up on online marketing because i would end up spendng alot for just withdrawing funds from Paypal through various avenues.

The good news is that now internet enterpreurs can enjoy the Equity/ Paypal service which first launched early this year. It means one can now withdraw funds from Paypal directly into your Equity Bank account. Initially it took 8 working days for your withdrawal to process into your account but the bank has a new website where payments can be processed within 3 working days.

How It Works

1. Open a Paypal account by going to and click on sign up. After activating your account add your bank account details or debit, visa or master card details in order to verify the account.

2. Open an Equity Bank account by visiting the nearest branch or by using the mobile and online platforms. To open via mobile, dial *247# and follow the instructions. To open online go to

3.Now you have both an Equity and Paypal Account.

4. Register your Equity account with the self-service portal at You will receive an OTP or a four digit code sent on your phone that you will need to log in. Note that a different OTP is sent everytime you log in.

5. Once logged in, go to the menu to your left and click Paypal Services whereby you need to add your Paypal address. Once the account is linked you can begin to enjoy the services for a very small charge of 1.5%.

Having used the service dozens of time myself, i find it very reliable. The fact that it takes only 3 working days to process and it is also a secured method of withdrawing cash is an added bonus. Now i can withdraw any amount of money even if it is only $1.

Equity Self Service Page
Equity Self Service Page


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