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How To Understand and Use The Russell Simmons Baby Phat And Rush Pre-Paid Credit Card

Updated on October 23, 2014

RussellSimmons Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Everything is done online today with a credit card. It is more convenient and much faster than running around in a crowded mall or store. A prepaid credit card will keep you from over spending and your savings safe from online scams if you are looking for a way to budget your spending and be safe online while making purchases.

I am previewing the Russell Simmons Rush Card and cute Baby Phat debit card. I got a pink Baby Phat card for my daughter when she was in college. It only cost me $3.95 at the time to load money on it back then. I had peace of mind and it was cheaper than paying to wire the money.

Basically it's like every other prepaid card. It has it's fee and no interest gains but it will give you the confidence that your bank account is not in jeopardy. It does has a cap of $10 in usage fee's like the others except it is not a mandatory monthly charge. So if you only use the card 5 time that's $5.00 instead of $9.95.

Reasons To Use A Pre-Paid Debit Card

Let's Face It, when you have a bad credit card application,these prepaid card looks better. Don't get me wrong. When I say bad credit card application. I mean one that will bring you further into debt.

With a prepaid card you control the money you spend and know the spending stops when you do.

Benefits Prepaid Credit Card

What was very different for me is that they have a budgeting plan automatically set up for you keeping track of when and where you spent your money. It was a real eye opener to see it in print with a chart!

Russell Simmons Credit Card also lets me set up a budget for myself and prevents me from over spending by sending an alarm by text or email when I've reached my budget.That is awesome! I will keep this card.

I have set up budgeting plans for myself and just couldn't make it work 100% for me. I needed a little more support. The text reminder is just what I needed. I only put my allowances on that card. But I still don't want to over spend then take from my more important savings and checking accounts.

This has a built in financial counselor. I highly recommend this for students or anyone wanted to keep track of their spending and be safe online. Set up a budget, set up your spending limits, set up your spending alerts and your on your way to being carefree with smart spending.

Check outRush Cards benefits, you will also be impressed. Any small fee is nothing compared to the built in budgeting program they offer. People can stop paying monthly fee for someone else to do this. It's built in , I sure can use these charts with my bank!

I almost forgot it has a Free Rush Path to credit program to report your paid on time bills to help you regain good credit up the road. Look at how Rush card works and you too will be impressed. The benefits sure outweigh my previous worries.

This may be right for you too. I'm old school so this works out for me. If you don't have the cash available don't spend. However if your rebuilding your credit and need to have a real credit card you should get Capital One secured credit card. You can pay for a car rental with it also. It is secured with your payment of at least $200.

Cons: You will have to learn all about these fees to keep a step above them. You don't want to pay extra money by not understanding when these fees are applied. Read every small printed word to arm yourself.


Activation Fee $19.95 Convenience Fees (Domestic)
capped at $10 per month, additional fees are refunded $1.00 Add Money via Payroll Direct Deposit FREE Add Money via Retail Location* FREE Add Money via Check/Money Order FREE Add Money via Tax Refund FREE Manage Your Rush Card Online FREE Rush Card Inquiries via Telephone FREE Customer Service FREE ATM Cash Withdrawal (Domestic) $1.95 ATM Balance Inquiry (Domestic) $0.50 Bill Payment*** $1.00 Rush Card Inactivity** $1.95 Convenience Fees (International) $2.00 ATM Cash Withdrawal (International) $3.50 ATM Balance Inquiry (International) $1.00 *Money-Gram charges a fee of $3.95 for this service
**Inactive cards; 90 days of no loads, no purchases and no ATM activity
***One Time Enrollment Fee of $2.00


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    • profile image

      ms.v 5 years ago

      DON'T GET THE RUSH CARD.........................If you get this card yur money will be two to three days late,they don't work on major holiday's and if your pay date falls in the holiday dates your money will be late, my direct deposit was sent on 12/30/12 and as of 1/2/13 i still as of yet gotten my money.................................i called and they said they were closed for the holiday....................dang what about me,my life didn't stop cuz of the holiday............DON'T GET THIS CARD, if you need a prepaid card get the walmart card only 3.00 no other fees