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Looking for a Way to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill? Coupons Could Be the Answer!

Updated on December 31, 2010
Coupon Clipping
Coupon Clipping

In today’s economy, it seems that more and more people are looking for different ways to save money. A great way that you can cut back on your grocery bill is by using coupons. Some people dislike using coupons because they consider them to be too much work. Yes, it can be a lot of time and work at first, but the money you will save will make all the effort you put into clipping coupons worth it.

Where you can find coupons

Knowing where you can find coupons is the first step. There are many different places you can find coupons; many of them are online. Some of the best online sites that I have found for coupons are,, and All of these sites combined have hundreds of different coupons posted that you are able to print out. These coupons are for a huge variety of different products and you are bound to find at least several coupons that you would like to print out. Another great source for coupons is your local Sunday newspaper. There are typically 1-3 sleeves of coupons that you can clip out yourself to save money. If the coupons one particular week are absolutely phenomenal, you can buy more than one paper to stock up on extra coupons that you might use. One other way to find coupons for specific brand names is to visit their website, where they will often have some sort of coupon you can print out, or to simply call the company directly. Many times companies will happily send you coupons for the product you were wanting, plus a couple of extra coupons to go along with it.

Keep your coupons organized

Keeping your coupons organized is important for several reasons; the main one is that you will know where to find a particular coupon when you need it. There is nothing more annoying that having to spend the majority of your time in a grocery store searching through your purse to find a coupon. There are several different types of small coupon organizers you can purchase to help keep your coupons organized. Make sure to pay attention to expiration dates also! Expiration dates can sneak up on you quickly, and it can be disappointing when you have a coupon you would like to use, but find you can’t when you realize it is expired.

Know which stores will double (or triple!) your coupons

There are many stores that double and occasionally triple coupons.  A website that can help you find stores near you that double coupons is: Make sue to check with the grocery store that you choose to find out if they double coupons up to 50 cents or one dollar; every store is different. Most stores do not typically triple coupons, but some will occasionally tripple coupons as a special promotion. Be sure to check with your local grocery store to find out if they ever offer this great deal! Homeland is an example of a large chain grocery store where I live that doubles coupons. Although this store may be considered a bit pricier than other larger chain stores such as Wal-Mart or Target, if you buy the items on sale, and use coupons that will double, you will definitely save more at the stores that double coupons.

Compare Local Grocery Ads

Comparing ads is one of the best ways to get the most out of your coupons. If you have more than one store in your area that doubles coupons, compare the ads of both stores weekly to determine where you can save the most money. Most grocery stores publish their ads on Wednesday every week. You can view the ads online on most stores’ websites, pick one up in the store, or get them out of your local paper. Items in most grocery stores sell will typically go on sale every 4-8 weeks. Wait until the item that you have a coupon for is on sale (if it will not expire before then) and try to use it when it is on sale. You will be able to save even more money this way.


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    • Donna Janelle profile image

      Donna Janelle 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thanks Website Examiner! :)

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 6 years ago

      I can't say that I'm into these things personally, but I like your practical approach, and am sure some people will find it very useful. Good luck with your tracker, hubs, and everything else here on HubPages! W.E.

    • Donna Janelle profile image

      Donna Janelle 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      I have actually never even heard of the grocery game - but it sounds really interesting! I will have to look into it and see what it is all about!

      I save a lot of money on our grocery bill when I use coupons. They really do help!

    • hudlife profile image

      hudlife 6 years ago from South Carolina

      Thanks for posting such a nice, well written guide to grocery couponing. Have you ever tried the grocery game? It's a service that automates the couponing process.

      We did it for a while, but have not couponed lately. I may get back in the game!