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How can you really make money online?

Updated on November 9, 2011

Can you really make money online?

The simple answer is YES! In fact there are thousands of people around the world who have made millions online. The internet is a great thing. It allows instant communication of information at a static and dynamic rate. It is probably the greatest invention of the 21st century. With the internet the world is really at your fingertips, but just like any form of work; it’s never easy, and if it is it doesn’t pay that well!!

Online Scams

If you open up a search engine and search for earning money fast online many thousands of websites will try and entice you. Please don’t waste your time. There are no get rich quick schemes! If any website tells you that you can earn thousands of dollars by doing almost nothing you know it can’t be true. In today’s time jobs are so hard to find, many people are unemployed. Coming out of University or College finding a good paying job is not easy at all. Many people have lost their jobs in today’s financial climate and so finding some easy money is always appealing.

If you type in Get rich quick or Making money online into a search engine it’s very probably you will come up with a page full of scams. One of the most popular is surveys or questionnaires online. You will find many websites that tell you to complete some surveys and you will get paid for every one of them. This is really not worth your time.

You will only get paid between $0.01 and $0.50 per survey you complete. If you could complete one hundred surveys an hour, I would see the appeal but that’s not the way it works. First you will have to answer around twenty questions to see if you are eligible for the survey. These will take you around five minutes to complete and odds are you will only be eligible around 5% of the time. If you are not eligible you have wasted your time! If you are accepted onto the survey you will have to answer several questions which can take up to one hour! All of that for not even a dollar? Not worth it!

Other companies will tell you will earn money as you spend money online, or when you sign up to certain competitions or websites. Much like surveys this is a total waste of time. Why would you want to buy a $500 television just to earn £5 online?

Some websites will try and sell you a guide book into how to make money online. The internet is the biggest free resource in the world. Don’t spend money to make money! Websites with survey that charge to join are the biggest con of all.

One survey website does stand out as being reputable and a good opportunity to earn extra money. Firstly note this website will not earn you enough money to survive. It might boost you about twenty extra dollars a week. This company is called Pine Cone Research. (I am not affiliated to them in any way). Unfortunately you cannot just join the company, you have to be invited.

So I want to make money online and I’m prepared to work for it

So you’ve decided to try to make some money online, either as a full time job or to generate some additional income. How do I do it?

Simple. Work hard.

Any money you earn online will be as hard as earning money in the ‘real world’.

One of the most popular techniques is Google Ad Sense (or similar Pay per Click sites). This basically refers to Pay per click earnings. You would create a page on the internet and allow google to post their adverts along the side of your page. Every time somebody clicks on their link on your page you get paid. Usually its around $0.01 per click. So to make a real earning from this you need to have several online pages, and a huge traffic flow towards your site. Many people use websites such as Hub Pages to create several online pages where they can post google ads.

The issue with making a good earning from this is you have to publish several good pages which bring in a lot of traffic. Writing a good page could take hours of work, but in the end it could pay off.

Become an online expert is another great way to make an income. Do you have a skill that you have that is marketable? If so market it online! Maybe your good at SEO (Search engine optimization), if so set up a website selling this skill. Get some clients, and earn some money from home. Maybe you have a big following on Twitter or YouTube? Sign up to a website like fiverr. There you can earn five dollars for creating a single advertisement for a client.

People who have earned the most from online work are those having online businesses. Maybe you’re an optician? Why not open up an online glasses shop? If you’re not ready to run your own website maybe start by selling items through ebay?

It really is possible to earn money online, but be prepared to work for it. Nothing comes for free today, so don’t expect it to just fall into your lap!


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    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 5 years ago from Connecticut

      Scams are everywhere and they are preying on those who need money the most and can't afford the scam. It is sad that this world has so many people like that. I tell everyone I know--If it sounds to good to be real, then it probably is a scam. Great Article.

    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States

      One of my dear friends was about to invest serious time and money she did not have to send links to people. The website she visited looked so right but when she told me what it was I helped her see that this was not going bring her the income that she needed as a single mother of 3. Many people are being taken in . Thanks for the warning and good advice.

    • thesingernurse profile image

      thesingernurse 5 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

      The internet permits millions of people to actually share what they're passionate about or good at - while being heard and earning a lot. I guess it boils down to how an individual will maximize all resources available in the internet. I'm not afraid to give it a try... I hope I'd become successful whilst helping others fulfill their own.

      Thank you very much for sharing. :)

    • profile image

      Arthur 6 years ago

      I agree with almost everything you have written. The internet is not really worth the effort in my opinion, i would rather go get a proper day job, you have a lot more earning potential

    • Ruchi Urvashi profile image

      Ruchi Urvashi 6 years ago from Singapore

      Interesting and useful information. I am looking in the area of SEO to improve my earnings.

    • naeemebrahimjee profile image

      naeemebrahimjee 6 years ago from London

      I totally agree with you. Nothing in life comes for free! Especially money!

    • jenniferrpovey profile image

      jenniferrpovey 6 years ago

      All very good points. My line on the matter is 'If you want full time income, you need to put in full time hours'.