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3 Little Known Ways Money Makes True Happiness Possible Like Bill Gates

Updated on September 6, 2019

Money isn’t the root of all evil; it’s actually the root to a life of comfort and easiness. You are everyday doing a job or work in the hopes of earning money so that you can be able to do things that you wish and want. You are seeking what everyone wants and that's true happiness.

Happiness is not something you seek out for but actually a belief or mindset that you employ in your everyday life. You can’t claim that you’ll only be happy if you made a certain amount of money.

You got to be happy before making that amount. What you are essentially doing is chasing an external force or thing that is supposed to make you whole, complete and happy.

According to Business Insider, 82% of the wealthy were happy, while 98% of the poor were unhappy. 87% of the wealthy were happy in their marriage, while 53% of the poor were unhappy.

93% of the wealthy were happy because they liked or loved what they did for a living, while 85% of the poor were unhappy. 0% of the wealthy were unhappy due to finances, while 98% of the poor were unhappy.

Therefore money problems have a ripple effect on your life; they can result in an overall sense of unhappiness.

There are different variables on how money can make you happy. Money will actually increase your level of happiness meaning that you had to be happy before that money came.

So let’s check out these ways one by one.

1. By Taking Care of Your Wonderful Family and Loved Ones

You have the money hence the people close to you are your biggest priority and you want to give them the best. Money can do this for you by ensuring that they have access to the basic needs like food, water, clothing and shelter.

If you didn’t have the cash, you would be stressed out and trying to figure out how these needs will be achieved. You will not be having true happiness in such a situation.

If you’re loved ones are happy and doing well, your stress levels on when the next meal will come are diminished. You are happy for that not sad.

According to Psychology Today, research studies show that spending money on experiences, such as family vacations provides more happiness than spending money on possessions.

2. By Giving Back to The Less Privileged and Poor

The downside to this money issue is that there are lots of other people who aren’t are fortunate as you.

Everything is not as perfect as you want it to be in this world. There are people who lack the basic needs like shelter but the good thing is that you can do something about it.

In a 2008 study, 46 participants were given $5 or $20 and some were told to spend it on themselves and others to give it away. Their self-reported happiness levels were recorded before and after the task. Those who had given their windfall away showed a greater increase in wellbeing than those who had spent the money on themselves.

You aren’t giving handouts here; you can do something tangible and meaningful like buy food for a whole month or year for a family that needs it.

You can donate money to worthy charities or organisations that you deem legit and you like what they are doing. This will definitely have you happiness level high because you are helping someone else, you won’t get all the accolades but it’s for a worthy course.

According to Huffington Post, studies show that when people donated to charity, the mesolimbic system, the portion of the brain responsible for feelings of reward, was triggered. The brain also releases feel-good chemicals and spurs you to perform more kind acts — something psychologists call “helper’s high.” Therefore giving back has an effect on your body.

  1. 3. By Bringing Tremendous Convenience and Peace of Mind

According to the Financial Highway, life is indeed bleak and stressful when the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and transportation are not met.

While money may not be everything, it is certainly something, and happiness and security cannot be had without at least enough to cover the basics. On top of that a little extra money can make life more pleasant.

You are now able to have access to things and stuff that seemed impossible a while back like buying that business or house. You won’t have to go to the banks in hopes that they will help you in your business expansion plans.

Probably the best way money makes you have peace of mind is by the fact that you are debt free. If you are deep in debt, first you aren’t happy and all the money you’ll be making will get sucked up by all the debt.

If you are in financial difficult you do not have true happiness. You are constantly stressed, depressed and full of anxiety because of your financial situation.


How money can make you happy isn’t that complicated but actually common sense. If you just think about money does matters in terms of how you use it.

For whatever reason you are using it happiness and money become intertwined. You won’t have long term happiness if you are using that money for the wrong reasons like drug use.

What you should get out of this article is the fact that money does matter but your true happiness is entirely dependent on you. Getting that extra dollar is great but loosing that same dollar is not so great.

You lost that dollar but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for you, getting it back can be possible.

Therefore money shouldn’t dictate your happiness so don’t fall into the rap of chasing money in an effort to fill the gap or solve the lack of happiness or fulfil you.

Do you agree that money and happiness do are great together? Do you know of any other ways on money and happiness impacts?

Then do share and tell in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you. Also share this with your friends and family, sharing is caring.

Talk soon.

-Michael Kamenya


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